Sunday, December 8, 2013


So I was looking at my blog and I was really surprised at how many "drafts" I have.  I started them and got distracted and did not finish them.  This one took place at the beginning of October.  

Jasmin was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea....OSA.  Which means her tonsils and adenoids were blocking her air way as she sleeps cause sleep apnea, which was causing her to sleep walk.

We went to Doernbecher Children's Hospital up in Portland.....Our second home it seems like sometimes.  When we were waiting they had some volunteers there helping the patients make beaded necklaces, key chains, bracelets....Jasmin was excited and said she wanted to make one for her sister.  So we got her set up and she was started beading a necklace.

They soon called us back to get her prepped for surgery.  The volunteers were amazing and told her she could take her necklace back and finish it. But as you can tell she got distracted by her own TV!!!! 

After we got through all of the paper work of surgery and asking our questions they gave her Versed...we have nicknamed it the silly medicine because it affects Jasmin in a way that makes her super goofy and gives her the giggle big time.

I had a picture of her necklace where you can tell where she was "normal" and when the medicine started kicking in because her pattern was off.

But here is a short video of just before they took her back to surgery and silly she was being!!


Today as Jeff is laying bed resting from his ACL and Meniscus surgery that took place on Thursday, as the girls are playing with their V-Tech reading books and the iPad, I sit at my computer wishing I could be cloned, kind of like the old movie Multiplicity.  Only I want one of me to keep scanning documents and I work towards de-cluttering my house of the tubs and stacks of paper.

I would like one of me to finish up laundry.....I just made a new batch of laundry soap today.  I would also like one of me to be sitting and stitching to finish at least 1 of the 6 in progress projects.  1 of me could be finishing up pot holders, a quilt, or a baby blanket or 2.  While another one works on crocheting the last of the wash cloths that I have started.

It is amazing to me how complicated we make life.  I am whining and complaining I know.  But all well.  Sometimes I just feel like I have so many things pulling me in different directions that if I sit and work on one I keep nagging myself.  You should not be working on this you need to be working on that. But if I switch tasks than I feel like I am being pulled towards a different task!

Anyways, that is my randomness for the day and my vent for the day.  I know that getting different projects done will not take one day it will take in some cases months to complete. I just tell my brain to shut up and chip away at the project I chose...only today that is not working!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Digital Clutter VS Material Clutter

I just had an oh my gosh moment.  I have been trying to down size our stuff and clean out old books that I either have read a long time ago, bought with intentions to read and it has been 10 out old magazines that are still in their plastic mailers from 2 years ago, stacks of paper in general, clothes.....Ok I think you get it.

I had that duh moment.  

When I look at others homes and blogs I think I am so going to have that house TODAY!!!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  A few weeks  ago it dawned on me de clutter takes time A LOT OF TIME....YEARS...IT NEVER ENDS!!! So I have learned if everyday I can get rid of a little bit my home is happier and so am I.  Even if that means only 5 magazines or 6 books or 2 t-shirts I have not worn in 4 years...whatever it may be every little bit helps.

So today I as I have been sitting at my computer trying to get some scanning done I noticed that my computer has slowed down...WAY DOWN. I want to go by a new computer so it is fast again.  Than I thought "when was the last time I cleaned out old files?"  Um Hello 2011 ish.  I have 30,000 pictures, about 500 plus documents, games.....UM no wonder.  So now that I have had this thought what to do.  I need to clean out know the ones the kids take of the wall, the shoe, pitch black, school papers that I wrote and saved that I have not opened back up since the day I submitted them....etc. Some things I want to keep and back up, but not everything.  

As I was sitting here thinking about this I realized digital clutter can be just as stressful as material clutter.  Only digital clutter is out of sight and out of mind until your computer starts running at a snails speed.  Now I have added another TO DO to my list.  Clean up my computer....... 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yes I realize this is after the fact, but all well!  Jasmin's kindergarten class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and boy oh boy did Payeton mope for DAYS!!!!

We decided to take a family trip to the pumpkin patch that Jasmin went to and it was a blast!!!

There were cut outs like this all over the farm
The girls loved them!

Running through the corn maze!!!

Was cold but did not want to stop!

She must be looking for foot prints to help us get out

This was where the maze lead the teepee!

And it was awesome!!!!

If this was to scale I have got some super tall kids

There is not much difference between the girls anymore

This slide was fun.  You had to climb up a pirate ship
made out of hay bails to get to the top of it!

These were peddle tractors that the girls struggled with.
The ground was wet and uneven.  There were a lot of tractors in
a small area as well

Time for the duck races!  I want to build one of these in our backyard..
when we get a back yard!

Jasmin loved this she wants to learn how
to ride real horses

Payeton not so much!

At the end of the trip we were hungry and they had bratwurst there.  Jeff looked at my and said yes you can get one.  What a good man he is.  So of course I got one loaded with homemade sauerkraut and grilled onions.  YUM!  As I was waiting for mine to be finished I was watching the 2 men that were running it.  I asked them if their sausages were a family recipe and he said "yes straight from Holland, my family is from Holland".  EVEN BETTER!!! Talk about fat free grease free deliciousness!  I could have eaten 2 of them and Jeff laughed at me because I think I ate in 3 bites!

I am horrible at this blogging thing.....

So I have learned that blogging is hard for me to do regularly and I really look up to all my friends that make posts regularly.  However, I keep trying and I always want to go backwards and post things that happened MONTHS ago!!!!

Where we live our city is split up by a river.  We live on the west, but do everything on the east side.  We have 3 bridges that run across our river.  1 bridge takes traffic West to East.  1 bridge takes traffic East to West and the 3rd bridge used to be an old train bridge that has been converted to a foot bridge.  The conversion happened a few years ago and Jeff and I have been saying since they did it that one day we will walk across it to get a different perspective of the river.  Well yesterday was that day.  We ran some errands with the girls in the morning and because the weather was cool, a little windy, and rainy off and on we stopped at Dutch Brothers for some hot chocolate before we walked across the bridge.  

Here is our fun walk!!!

Jeff was trying to get the girls to walk on the same foot as him!!!

Almost have it!!! Ok I also love these kind of shots!!

OK We made them hug, but who can resist a cute sisterly hug!!

Ok ok ok sisterly bear hug!

Jasmin is trying to get away or something

And now the chasing begins

This is another one of my favorite!!!

Payeton just walking along minding her own
business enjoying the river!

And this was the perfect day to do it all as well.  Well until the end when we had a few very creepy homeless guys walk right by us.  Jeff's protective instincts kicked and watched me and the kids like a hawk while keeping an eye on the guys until there was a lot of distance between us and them.  He is my HERO!!!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Single - Twins - Triplets?

This is a post I have been meaning to make since the beginning of October, but it seems that life has been happening at one pace....EXTRA FAST!!!  So anyways.  Yes to those that have been asking I am pregnant with our 3rd baby........GIRL!  

Poor Jeff well ok both of us.  This pregnancy has been different in many areas and were convinced between my prego symptoms, friends, and my sister that we were having a boy....we were hoping Jeff really wants a boy. I have to be honest I do too.  

When I was growing up...especially in high school I wanted to be married young and have 6 kids.....boys.  Well so far I was married in my 20's and will be having 3 girls.  Regardless I am one happy momma.

So these are the coolest ultra sounds ever.  They are 3D/4D Ultra sounds that actually let you see the features of the baby. You actually get a sneak peak of what your baby will look like.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!

We noticed right away with Jasmin that she had some chubby cheeks and that smirk

This is Jasmin! Our oldest who is now 5 and in Kindergarten
We were in love right away.  Shortly after her birth (3 months after) I went to the doctors for postpartum depression.  I cried at the drop of the hat, I was exhausted ALL THE TIME.  At first we thought it was normal than one day Jeff looked at me and told me it was time to go figure out what was wrong. I went to the doctor and I was telling him what was going on and he gave me a pregnancy test.  He told me he wanted to rule out other options before we approached the postpartum road.  Well it came back positive.  WHAT????!!!!!!  

Are you joking me.  I was so not ready for this.  I went to the bank after wards to deposit a paycheck and I called Jeff.  I told him the "exciting" news.  He was ecstatic. (We were living with my mom at the time) He was in the garage doing a happy dance and I was in tears.  I was not ready for this.  Not after what the tortuous delivery that I went through (that's another story for another day).  I was scared, I was still trying to figure out the entire cleft palate thing.  Learning how to take care of a new born.  Sure I babysat A LOT, but that is different than being responsible for a new born 24/7.  

Well what I was to do?  I finally got over the shock and the excitement set in. Soon it was time for the 3D/4D ultra sound and this is what we saw.
Payeton, my now 4 year old that is a spit fire!
We had to do a double take.  We thought this has to be a joke, they look exactly the same.  I asked the technician if she was using our old ultra sounds and she said no and asked us why.  I said she looks exactly like my oldest!!

Even after they were born they looked identical the only way to tell them apart was to look at dates on pictures and or to look at the baby blanket.  They both had BLACK hair...a full head of it. Chubby cheeks, skinny little bodies, same eyes, nose, ears, cleft palate......everything.  

Now they look different Jasmin has brown hair and hazel/blue eyes, and Payeton is a mini me with blonde hair blue eyes.  However, they look like twins in a lot of ways.  I get asked all the time "how old are your twins?" OR "Are they twins?"  It makes me laugh.  Payeton is about 2 inches shorter than Jasmin if even and weighs about 15 pounds less.  They body frames are a lot different.  Jasmin takes after me and is very German built she is one solid girl with wide hips a big butt and thunder thighs not the demeaning kind, but the strong powerful kind--- she is my mini me in body frame size, and hair twirling between her fingers when she thinks, is nervous, or when she tries to fall asleep.  Jeff will laugh at us especially when we are cuddling and we both start to twirl our hair OR she twirls mine and I twirl hers. (Focus Brendon Focus!!!)

Fast forward to beginning of this month!

So here we are again.  This time the gap is a little bit bigger.  We wanted to have our kids closer together, but life happened, Jeff decided he needed to go back to school to support the family, I was working on Masters Degree and there was no way we had the time or the money to throw in a 3rd baby.  Once I was finished with my Masters we decided it was time.  Little did we know it was going to take us an entire year to get pregnant. 

So we had our first normal ultrasound and found out we are having another girl.  Yes we are bummed, like I said before we were hoping for a boy, but we are just grateful that we can have more kids.  Jeff and I knew we were not done at 2, but we were frustrated that we were not getting pregnant and we were beginning to wonder if we were done.  

So here we go again with the 3D/4D ultra sound and OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! Can you say triple take?

Baby Girl # 3
Are you doing a triple take?  I sure did.  As soon as I got home I started digging through my boxes of stuff to find the other girls ultra sounds and started comparing.  Jeff and I both laughed that we are having 3 girls that look the same.  

The most amazing part even though we will not know until the baby is born, that not only will we have 3 girls all 3 girls have cleft palates...... SURPRISE!!!!!  Ok not really Jeff and I both knew that this baby had a cleft palate just like we knew with the other 2. Jasmin and Payeton's have already been repaired. But due to such a high family occurrence of the cleft palate the technician looked from a few different angles and really took her time on the mouth to see if this baby had one. 

When I went in for my 3D/4D ultra sound the technician looked again and said that she can still see the cleft. But other than that everything is normal and healthy!!!!

As I was talking to the technician she said it is not an exact science, but a very educated guess science, but what we see on the ultra sound cannot be 100% confirmed until the baby is born.  

Here is a better look with all 3 of them together.


Baby Girl # 3

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Did it Come From???

So many of you know I have been on a quest to clean out, organize, clean up...etc.  Well Last night I was in a cranky mood so I decided what a perfect time to work on cleaning off my desk.  I put a movie on for the girls, Jeff was watching football...YUK!!!!  So  cleaned....I have always felt that when you are cranky, mad, angry, upset...that is the best time to clean because (Well at least for me) that is when the emotional attachment to stuff is gone and after about an hour or 2 I feel a ton better and I feel better in the sense that I got rid of.

So last night I was sitting at my desk organizing bills, going through the stacks of papers and stuff, scanning documents, recipes from magazines, etc.  I got about half way through a pile of papers when I came across a Looney Toon's Folder.  You know the kind that we bough in junior high for our papers.  I opened it and about died.  I found even more magazine things that I have ripped out over the years.  I decided it was time to go to bed!!!

I have learned that I like the idea of having magazine subscriptions to things like Better Homes and Garden, Real Simple, Health, Rachel Ray.  But when the magazine gets here it goes straight into my pile of to look at later.  Pretty soon I have a stack of magazines that are 2 and 3 years old and only a handful of them were ever opened.  SOLUTION I no longer subscribe to magazines.

Anyways, in my quest to de-clutter my house and clean out so when we move we have less to pack I will pick up a magazine look through it and pull out recipes I want to try, things I want, articles that yell at me...READ ME..... or anything else that catches my eye and get rid of the magazine, however, now I have this folder of ripped out magazine things....NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?

I took it to bed with me and started going through it and I cannot believe how many pages I have ripped out and today I have no idea why.

I am always in awe of how fast I can accumulate stuff and than cannot remember what it was for or why I even bought it in the first place........I still maintain that when I sleep little gnomes come out and add Miracle Grow to things just to hide a giggle later as I scratch my head in wonderment.

The good news is I almost have a desk top again!!! YEAH!!!

I'm In Trouble

So yesterday at the store we were looking to get some snack and lunch food stuff for the family.  While walking down the cookie/snack isle...(which by the way was created by the devil).  Jeff and I looked at each other and both said we need some chocolate.  He likes the Chips Ahoy cookies and I like Oreo's especially the double stuffed.  There is just something about the cream filling...YUMMY (to those of you who feel the need to tell me what is in it to change my mind....please don't!!!!!).  I have been hungry for them and we never buy them for 2 reasons they are usually expensive and 2 I really don't NEED them.

I was looking at all the flavors they have now.  Birthday Cake, pumpkin filled, mint, lemon.......ok there are ton of "new" me they are new because I am used to Oreo's and Double Stuffed I had no clue how many flavors existed.  I was just about to turn to Jeff and say what happened to the good ol' fashion Oreo's when my eyes landed on Triple Double Oreo's.  I thought I died!


Yes this is a true...they are soooooooooooooo good.  So after church Jeff asked me what I wanted for lunch and I said I want a vat of milk and my package of Oreo's of course he just laughed at me.....than I followed up....well it is for the baby not me....Which made him laugh even harder.  He said no and I need to eat healthy. DARN HIM...So I was good and ate a good lunch than only had 4 of them........for right now TEE HEE TEE HEE!!!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Parenting Moments

So today was one of those days that started out good.  First we went to a friends son soccer game, than afterwards we all went out to breakfast.  At the soccer game our friends dad gave our girls each a silver dollar.  The girls were way excited because it was money for their bank for Disneyland.  During breakfast the kids were rambunctious....but they are kids right.

For breakfast I had a California breakfast burrito.....instead of sausage it had was probably one of the worst breakfasts I have ever had......

After breakfast we rushed to say hi/bye to Jeff's parents as they are headed to Utah for a week.  They were dropping off a truck for us to borrow because last week Jeff's truck decided it was done it the head gasket blew.  But we only figured that out after we changed out spark plugs, replaced a radiator cap and it still was not working.  So the next step was to pull the engine apart to get the head.  We were hopeful that we could replace the gasket and be good...WRONG...the head is cracked.  So we have been down to one car which is not bad but Jeff works about an hour away and all week has been working 12 to 13 hour days.

The truck blowing up was just the icing on the cake of our past 2 weeks of chaos and issues.......Jeff injuring his knee 2 weeks ago started it........and not that it has been super major problems, but just one thing after another after another.........and it ended with Payeton being so constipated that she was miserable for 2 days before we dumped enough grape juice and Miralax in her it finally all cleared itself out.........

We were blessed to all week have kind friends that were willing to pick up Jasmin for school and bring her home.  Through a little bit of car switch-a-roo we were able to borrow a car for about a day.

Anyways totally off topic.  So we said hi/bye to Jeff's parents and to get some keys.  We rushed over to the Oregon State Police graduation as a friend of ours graduated from the Academy today.  So we went to see them and support him.

After the graduation we went out to the dealership in hopes that a car that they said we could afford would be ready, but it was not.  While at the dealership around 1 pm Payeton started to have a melt down and that when the good day started to slowly turn.

The grocery store we like and can afford is on that end of town...the opposite end of where we we thought we would stop and pick up some lunch stuff, but we started questioning it because of one tired girl.  But we braved it to save on gas and time.  Than we stopped and got some lunch.

By the time we got home from our day of leaving the house at 8:45am we made it home just after 3.  We ate lunch put the cold stuff and all laid down for a rest.......Than this momma turned into momma bear......

After naps we went and filled up my car with gas picked up the truck we are borrow from Jeff's brothers house.......and everything the girls said and did I was yelling at them.  I was cranky. Was it too much to ask for some peace and quiet?

After yelling at Jasmin for the 500th time in a few hours.  I had a moment I thought BRENDON WAKE UP SHE WANTS SOME I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said scrambled eggs.  Than I asked her if she wanted to help cook them.  She said yes.  So I "taught" her how to make scrambled eggs.

She actually did a really good job.  It was amazing at how quick attitudes changed for me and her........

I am excited for church tomorrow I have not been in about a month because of being out of town, Jasmin having her tonsils removed general conference. I am in need of spiritual uplifting and a "break".

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Motivation in a Can

As I sit at work and work on various projects I make mental to do lists for when I get home and on occasion I write the list down.  I look at it and think "Oh yeah I am totally going get home bust a move and feel good about life!" I may be low on energy, but the motivation is there.  On my drive home I get so excited about being home and starting dinner, doing laundry, organize pictures on my computer, delete old files that have been on there FOREVER......whatever else I need to get done.  BUT as soon as I unlock my front door and walking it feels like the motivation stops at the thresh hold of my home and no matter how hard I beg, pull, plead, bribe....motivation just stands there and shakes his head and giggles.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was thinking about how to "invite" motivation into my home...and this thought crossed my mind

"They make energy in can.  Why can't they make motivation in a can?


It seems like every other commercial on TV anymore is about some sort of energy drink, but why not motivation.

As I was talking to a friend about this idea and she suggested an energy motivation cocktail and I added a Pepsi flavored energy motivation cocktail!!!  

Well there you have it folks the inter workings of my crazy brain!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013



In exactly one week from today my baby...well my big girl...Jasmin will be starting Kindergarten.  She is beyond excited, however, I am an absolute nervous, anxiety ridden mother.

I lay awake at night thinking things like

What if she picked on by other kids?  What if she is the one picking on other kids?  What would happen if the school is put on lock down?  Will she adjust well to the school and routine?  Will she be bored and not like school?  Will she be the one in class that just does not get it?

I think you get the idea.  But my baby is going to school......HOLY COW!!! I just brought her home from the hospital 6 weeks ago and here she is trying to read, starting to write, is absorbing everything at the drop of the hat and is ready for school.  But boy oh boy I am not ready for her to start school.

This is my baby that is starting Kindergarten....ARE YOU JOKING ME??
When I look at her this is what I still see!!!

But this is reality. She is ready for school for sure!!! I love this little stinker!!

So as I lay awake at night being a paranoid mom.  I think I should homeschool her and keep her here with me all day where it is safe and I can keep and eye on her at all times.  But when I actually watch her I know deep down that she is one of those kids that needs to be with others her own age.  She is a smart cookie that will benefit greatly from school.  

I am excited for her and it makes me extremely happy to know that she is ready for school and is very excited about her new school and making new friends!!!

Payeton is struggling with the fact that Jasmin gets to start school and she does not.  She keeps telling me that she is 5 and is ready.  I just keeping telling her that in the mornings it will be just the 2 of us and we will have a lot of fun.

Tonight was the schools open house and Jasmin was bouncing off the walls looking at her new classroom.  But when we walked in the teacher automatically looked at Payeton and said welcome.  I said nope not that one this one and introduced her to Jasmin.  The teacher looked really confused thinking Jasmin was in first and Payeton was in Kindergarten.  My girls are so tall that I get that all the time.

I love my girls to death!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day of Rest......or Something

So today is a relaxing Sunday.  First one we have had in a long time.  Usually I feel we get home from church and we just go go go....I thought Sunday was a day of rest?!

Well today it is.  Kinda of.  Jeff is taking a nap, Jasmin is cuddling with him playing the iPad.  Payeton is out here in the front room with me watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the millionth time and I am torn between about 5 different things.

1) I recently purchased a Neat Receipts Scanner and I am trying to clean off my desk and to get rid of paper clutter in general I have boxes and file folders and.......of nothing but papers and documents.

2) I want to cut fabric for different quilt projects

3) I want to organize my sewing/office/storage room

4) I would love to sit and just play games on the computer and become brain dead for the day

5) I want to find the old Friend magazines that we have and tear out the Family Home Evening Ideas and start laminating and making FHE lessons so we can start having them, especially now that Jasmin will be in Kindergarten in the fall


6) I want to take a nap....which will result in me not sleeping tonight!

Oh what to mom has it right. She has always told me to set a time and do a little bit of all it....well I did I have set a time and I going to working on as much as I can......Getting my house in order is part of the day of rest, I believe, because a house of order is next to Godliness and it helps us feel the spirit more and we want to be home in a nice clean house.

Happy Day of Rest everyone!

Friday, July 19, 2013


What a month(s).....yup I feel like for the first time in a while I have come up for air to breathe, I know it will only be a short time until it gets crazy busy once again.

I called my mom and for my birthday I told her I want 1 of 2 things.  1) a neat desk scanner to help get rid of the bill/paper clutter or 2) a professional organizer to come help organize and get rid.....her response was......"Blah ha ha ha that was funny so what can I get you that I can afford?"....I told her "a gift card to Subway" she just laughed

What have I been doing.....I am not so sure...maybe some pictures will help with that!

To start we moved!  In the middle of moving and unpacking we have been trying to stay caught up with life....

Jeff is close to graduating.  This was the weekend we moved!  His mom bought a graduation/fathers day cake and he was practicing for graduation with the cake decoration! The weekend after we moved in we went on a short family vacation!!!

Payeton was trying to catch up on her beauty sleep in the car!

Jasmin refused to give in!

Best Friends!!!

Our family likes to be silly.....That sure do hate snuggle time!

In my family 4 generations does not happen (meaning my sibblings, parents, grandparents).  So when we went to Jeff's family reunion I finally won and got a 4 generation picture.  This is the girls Jeff, Jeff's mom Sue, and Sue's Dad, Don Meldrum (A.K.A Grandpa Meldrum).  He turned 90 this year and he is AMAZING.  He is a giant.  He stands (well used to stand) at about 6'9.  No wonder my girls are so tall.

The girls absolutely love to swing.  When we go to the park all they want to do is swing!

Jeff Graduated.  Bragging Rights - he is the only one in his program that graduated with honors and his program was had about 20-25 people in it.  He worked his butt of for 2.5 years and it shows he now has a killer job and loves it.

I am proud of him and all of his hard work

This is our new place when we first moved in.  The girls were trying very hard to help us unpack.....we are still trying to unpack!

Jasmin turned 5 and we had a small party for her!

Girls just want to have fun!

Jeff was a rock star and took the girls for the weekend a few weekends ago to the beach to see grandma and grandpa.  So I busted a move tried to clean unpack and organize.This is part of our room before!

And after

Here is our office after hours of work.  We are far from done, but it is getting there.  

Our June and start of July were hectic, I am not sure if things have actually calmed down or not or maybe it is just because I have gotten used to the pace of life now.  We have come to the conclusion that we be unpacked and moved in the week before it is time to move again. Our goal is to be in our apartment for only 1 year. 

As the girls get older we are starting to have more fun, and they are getting sillier by the day.  

I am just amazed how much we have accumulated and how much we have gotten rid of.