Who I Am

Who am I?  That is something I am still trying to figure out.  Up until recently I was an athlete.  Primarily soccer, but was up to play any sport.  I grew up in a house that played sports and I could hold my own in any sport except for Basketball.  I was great on steeling the ball and that was it.  Softball/baseball was another one I was not good at I could run and throw a ball and that was it.

Now if you ask who I am the answer you will get is - I am a working mom of two wonderful girls.  I just recently graduated with my Masters degree.  I am quilter, sewer, and I do counted cross stitch.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and my children.  I hope soon we can add to our small family.

I am not sure who I am because when you become a mom you loose yourself.  Your world now revolves around your family and you have less time for yourself.  So for most...saying you are a mom explains who you are.

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