Tuesday, September 3, 2013



In exactly one week from today my baby...well my big girl...Jasmin will be starting Kindergarten.  She is beyond excited, however, I am an absolute nervous, anxiety ridden mother.

I lay awake at night thinking things like

What if she picked on by other kids?  What if she is the one picking on other kids?  What would happen if the school is put on lock down?  Will she adjust well to the school and routine?  Will she be bored and not like school?  Will she be the one in class that just does not get it?

I think you get the idea.  But my baby is going to school......HOLY COW!!! I just brought her home from the hospital 6 weeks ago and here she is trying to read, starting to write, is absorbing everything at the drop of the hat and is ready for school.  But boy oh boy I am not ready for her to start school.

This is my baby that is starting Kindergarten....ARE YOU JOKING ME??
When I look at her this is what I still see!!!

But this is reality. She is ready for school for sure!!! I love this little stinker!!

So as I lay awake at night being a paranoid mom.  I think I should homeschool her and keep her here with me all day where it is safe and I can keep and eye on her at all times.  But when I actually watch her I know deep down that she is one of those kids that needs to be with others her own age.  She is a smart cookie that will benefit greatly from school.  

I am excited for her and it makes me extremely happy to know that she is ready for school and is very excited about her new school and making new friends!!!

Payeton is struggling with the fact that Jasmin gets to start school and she does not.  She keeps telling me that she is 5 and is ready.  I just keeping telling her that in the mornings it will be just the 2 of us and we will have a lot of fun.

Tonight was the schools open house and Jasmin was bouncing off the walls looking at her new classroom.  But when we walked in the teacher automatically looked at Payeton and said welcome.  I said nope not that one this one and introduced her to Jasmin.  The teacher looked really confused thinking Jasmin was in first and Payeton was in Kindergarten.  My girls are so tall that I get that all the time.

I love my girls to death!!!

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  1. oh wow I cant believe your oldest is goin to school already! Hope she loves it and does well and that nobody picks on her. Great life experiences happen while going to school. I hope none are scary (like school on lockdown, that'd freak me out) Super cute pic of your husband and girls!