Saturday, October 12, 2013

Parenting Moments

So today was one of those days that started out good.  First we went to a friends son soccer game, than afterwards we all went out to breakfast.  At the soccer game our friends dad gave our girls each a silver dollar.  The girls were way excited because it was money for their bank for Disneyland.  During breakfast the kids were rambunctious....but they are kids right.

For breakfast I had a California breakfast burrito.....instead of sausage it had was probably one of the worst breakfasts I have ever had......

After breakfast we rushed to say hi/bye to Jeff's parents as they are headed to Utah for a week.  They were dropping off a truck for us to borrow because last week Jeff's truck decided it was done it the head gasket blew.  But we only figured that out after we changed out spark plugs, replaced a radiator cap and it still was not working.  So the next step was to pull the engine apart to get the head.  We were hopeful that we could replace the gasket and be good...WRONG...the head is cracked.  So we have been down to one car which is not bad but Jeff works about an hour away and all week has been working 12 to 13 hour days.

The truck blowing up was just the icing on the cake of our past 2 weeks of chaos and issues.......Jeff injuring his knee 2 weeks ago started it........and not that it has been super major problems, but just one thing after another after another.........and it ended with Payeton being so constipated that she was miserable for 2 days before we dumped enough grape juice and Miralax in her it finally all cleared itself out.........

We were blessed to all week have kind friends that were willing to pick up Jasmin for school and bring her home.  Through a little bit of car switch-a-roo we were able to borrow a car for about a day.

Anyways totally off topic.  So we said hi/bye to Jeff's parents and to get some keys.  We rushed over to the Oregon State Police graduation as a friend of ours graduated from the Academy today.  So we went to see them and support him.

After the graduation we went out to the dealership in hopes that a car that they said we could afford would be ready, but it was not.  While at the dealership around 1 pm Payeton started to have a melt down and that when the good day started to slowly turn.

The grocery store we like and can afford is on that end of town...the opposite end of where we we thought we would stop and pick up some lunch stuff, but we started questioning it because of one tired girl.  But we braved it to save on gas and time.  Than we stopped and got some lunch.

By the time we got home from our day of leaving the house at 8:45am we made it home just after 3.  We ate lunch put the cold stuff and all laid down for a rest.......Than this momma turned into momma bear......

After naps we went and filled up my car with gas picked up the truck we are borrow from Jeff's brothers house.......and everything the girls said and did I was yelling at them.  I was cranky. Was it too much to ask for some peace and quiet?

After yelling at Jasmin for the 500th time in a few hours.  I had a moment I thought BRENDON WAKE UP SHE WANTS SOME I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said scrambled eggs.  Than I asked her if she wanted to help cook them.  She said yes.  So I "taught" her how to make scrambled eggs.

She actually did a really good job.  It was amazing at how quick attitudes changed for me and her........

I am excited for church tomorrow I have not been in about a month because of being out of town, Jasmin having her tonsils removed general conference. I am in need of spiritual uplifting and a "break".

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  1. ew , shrimp in your breakfast burrito!? how disappointing! I do not like shrimp, what a nasty surprise. I'm sorry about all the craziness and the truck problems! Im gonna need a new car here soon (212k miles on it..eek) but dont really have the money for another one right now unless I take out a loan and dont want to do that but we'll see. I'm hoping it can last me through the winter and I can figure it out next year. Jasmin sure is cute in her pjs and making eggs, looks like she had fun!