Thursday, November 26, 2015


After working hard, and trying to get it done I finished it!!!! Oh happy day!!!

Not the best picture ever, but I am excited it is finished!  Another project crossed off my list!

With ever finished project I feel a weight lifting of my shoulders!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

TYPE A.........

I learned many years ago that I am not a type A personality........In fact I am the farthest thing away from being type A that is makes me mad.  I am sloppy, messy, disorganized, no schedule for anything, spare of the moment kind of thing.  For example at 5:30 pm I think, "oh wow it's 5:30 maybe I should figure out something for dinner."  It is not healthy, it is frustrating because not only do I hate cooking, I am not good at it, so usually while babies are crying for dinner the girls are fighting me with doing homework or being helpful, I am trying to figure something out.  Once dinner is on the table I usually get looks and comments of how gross it is or that only 5 bites will be eaten.......

Oh my mean the piece of wood holding my computer and piles of paper that "I will get to when kids go to bed"  Or what about the laundry...I think that basket is clean...or wait was that the dirty basket?  Or my mounds of projects I have started and one day maybe one day I will finish.

When I was younger this did not bother me, but now with 4 kids and a crazy house not having a routine, or a clean home, it is stressful and I am teaching my kids bad habits that I cannot stand in myself...and to see them picking them up.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So to my type A super organized have a plan and a schedule and are ready to tackle the world....I am envious.

I was talking to my mom the other day and I was venting to her about no matter what I do, how hard I try, what great idea I put into place to help I cannot get on top of it.  I was so proud of myself.  I cleaned out the babies closet and drawers and vacuumed and cleaned, than I moved onto the older girls room.  I was feeling really good about myself!  I went to the toy room which also serves as the sewing room, hang out room, pretty  much where we live room and looked around and started that room.  Filled up a box to give to charity of stuff and made a lot of progress.  I was vacuuming everyday as we have 2 dogs, live in the desert and have a crawler.  Than 2 days went by where we were just not home and busy and everything else happened, and all 3 rooms looked like a tornado followed by a bomb went off.  WHAT....ARE YOU JOKING?  WHAT HAPPENED?

I am so exhausted of the constant trying to catch up and get on top of...that I have given up.  I get on top of it in one area and lose control someplace else than while trying to stay on top of that area and than get a handle on the disaster some place else I feel like I am running circles.  

I am now in love with the phrase "less is more", but as I have been clearing out and downsizing I am realizing how much more I have to what point do I get to enjoy the "less is more" phase?  

Anyways, instead of venting and complaining I should probably actually focus on making head way on the piece of wood holding my computer and piles of "I will get to it when the kids are in bed" piles of mail and bring home papers from school!