Sunday, December 8, 2013


So I was looking at my blog and I was really surprised at how many "drafts" I have.  I started them and got distracted and did not finish them.  This one took place at the beginning of October.  

Jasmin was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea....OSA.  Which means her tonsils and adenoids were blocking her air way as she sleeps cause sleep apnea, which was causing her to sleep walk.

We went to Doernbecher Children's Hospital up in Portland.....Our second home it seems like sometimes.  When we were waiting they had some volunteers there helping the patients make beaded necklaces, key chains, bracelets....Jasmin was excited and said she wanted to make one for her sister.  So we got her set up and she was started beading a necklace.

They soon called us back to get her prepped for surgery.  The volunteers were amazing and told her she could take her necklace back and finish it. But as you can tell she got distracted by her own TV!!!! 

After we got through all of the paper work of surgery and asking our questions they gave her Versed...we have nicknamed it the silly medicine because it affects Jasmin in a way that makes her super goofy and gives her the giggle big time.

I had a picture of her necklace where you can tell where she was "normal" and when the medicine started kicking in because her pattern was off.

But here is a short video of just before they took her back to surgery and silly she was being!!


Today as Jeff is laying bed resting from his ACL and Meniscus surgery that took place on Thursday, as the girls are playing with their V-Tech reading books and the iPad, I sit at my computer wishing I could be cloned, kind of like the old movie Multiplicity.  Only I want one of me to keep scanning documents and I work towards de-cluttering my house of the tubs and stacks of paper.

I would like one of me to finish up laundry.....I just made a new batch of laundry soap today.  I would also like one of me to be sitting and stitching to finish at least 1 of the 6 in progress projects.  1 of me could be finishing up pot holders, a quilt, or a baby blanket or 2.  While another one works on crocheting the last of the wash cloths that I have started.

It is amazing to me how complicated we make life.  I am whining and complaining I know.  But all well.  Sometimes I just feel like I have so many things pulling me in different directions that if I sit and work on one I keep nagging myself.  You should not be working on this you need to be working on that. But if I switch tasks than I feel like I am being pulled towards a different task!

Anyways, that is my randomness for the day and my vent for the day.  I know that getting different projects done will not take one day it will take in some cases months to complete. I just tell my brain to shut up and chip away at the project I chose...only today that is not working!!!