Thursday, January 31, 2013

Silly Girls

Jasmin Loves To Read
Jasmin and Payeton Playing Epic Mickey Together
 I went in to the girls room the other night to check on them.  This is what I saw.  Jasmin loves to read and books bring her great comfort. I had to laugh because it reminds me of my dad.  I remember I could hear him snore, but I would walk by and a few times I caught him with his book laid across his face!!!
Jasmin is Playing Hide and Seek

The girls love to play the WII and I limit them to what they play and how long they play.  Lately they have been asking me if they could play the Mickey Mouse game (Epic Mickey 1).  It takes both controls (the nunchuck and the controller part).  They were playing together....literally they each held one controller and played and giggled a lot.

My mom has some Ikea reusable bags.  This one happens to be HUGE.  Jasmin and Payeton were taking turns climbing into it and hiding and playing potato sack races.  They thought the bag was so much fun.  

Who knew an empty bag could bring so much pleasure and fun

Ooooops I Mean Peek-A-Boo
 Grandma Brought Over Dinner.....I Mean Payeton

Potato Sack Races....I mean Ikea Sack Races

Jasmin Can Go Super Fast

Who Knew A Cardboard Box Could Bring So Much Fun

Mom We Decorated our Magic Box
I was using this box to clean out the girls clothes.  But they decided it was their magic box.  They like to climb inside and they take turns folding the flaps over putting a blanket over the top of the box and saying "poof your gone" and  "poof you came back".  But this morning they decided it needed to be decorated.

They got a little carried away with coloring and were having a good time.

All of this has taken place over the past week or so, but they have had fun.  When I look at pictures like this I have to think....They have it all figured out.  They like it simply, carefree and fun.  I have realized I have a lot to learn from my children about life.  Not holding grudges, being friends with everyone, finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.....OK I could go on and on about the lessons to be learned from kids.  I have been blessed with two girls that remind how we should be living life and the endless love they show for me especially when I am having a rough day.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Jeff is almost done with school and we at so excited! I was talking to him the other night and I told him that if he were to find a job that required us to move I would be the first to start packing the house. He said what do you mean.  I told him that if got a job in Minnesota, I would be excited, if he gets a job in New Mexico, I would be excited, if he gets a job in Utah....ok I maybe won't be excited for Utah, BUT I would still go.....Same goes for California.  But if he gets a job that requires us to move I would go.

I have been here in the Salem area for 10 years.  Big deal right...well for me it is.  I am used to moving about every 3 years.  The longest I was in one school was 4 years and that was high school.  I attended 3 elementary schools 2 junior high schools and 1 high school.  I remember towards the end of my junior year my dad told me there was a chance we were going to have to move again (to where I cannot remember now).  I was not suprised I was exepecting it, but I asked him if I could stay behind my senior year, it would have been my 4th year on varsity soccer, 2nd year on varsity swimming, and I did not want to have to move and prove myself and try and fit in my senior year someplace else.  He told me he was counting on the fact that I would stay behind and finish my senior year in Dixon.  He ended up not getting the job and we stayed put.  So for me being here for 10 years is  LIFE TIME.  The second longest place I lived in was Dixon, CA and that was 7 years where I attended 8th grade, high school and 2 years of community college at Sacramenton City College and played soccer there.  At the end of my sophmore year I had to leave, I was done with California, I was 20 and it was time to move out and be on my own.  I did it, not realizing I would be here for the next 10 years.

I am getting antsy to move.  I want to stay here because of the surgeons we have, the doctors we have, the support system we have, the AWESOME ward we attend, but I am antsy.  I am ready to see new, make more friends, experience a different culture.......LETS MOVE!!!!

What am I doing?

So tonight's big goal was to tackle taxes, clean off my desk, work on a quilt, go to bed early.  Guess what none of those things happened.  Instead here I sit with my cluttered desk, files full of stuff to go through for taxes, a quilt in the exact same spot as it was last night, a messy front room, a sleeping house, and I have been reading blogs.  Why am I not in bed?.....SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!

This is what my desk looked like just after Christmas, Yes that is Farmville 2 on my computer screen, and yup  my desk looks pretty much the same, only worse.  I love my husband for putting up with my clutteredness (is that ever a word).  He HATES clutter and I have been trying so incredibly hard to get rid of clutter and be more organized.  One day I will be better at it.

While I have my insomnia attacks  you would think I would put in a movie and clean and clear out and work on my to-do list instead of working on adding to it.  Now that was a funny.  I keep thinking that if I can get my blog to look just right than I work on other things, or when I can become a stay at home mom things will be better, but than I change my mind and it is, when we make more money I can afford to be organized.......what I am really saying is I am lazy and have no drive.

I look at what people Blog about and I think "Wow their life is totally awesome and they have so much to say and they sound so smart wow look at how much they accomplished today I think they accomplished more today than I did all month, wow I want my house to look like that.  How do they do it"....I wish I had a totally awesome life like theirs, I wish my pictures were cute, I want to sound so sophisticated........oh wait here we go....

This needs to be my new motto
But seriously.  In life we strive to be better and get beat down when we do and most of us give up.  I just need to make my life sound awesome and take a ton of pictures and start documenting what I have taking pictures of and.......CRAP my to do list just got longer.......

Friday, January 4, 2013


So tonight as I was on my computer I decided I should probably look at my blog and think about updating it, for me it is a daunting task, but what the heck the Pepsi at 10pm was probably not one of my smartest moves and I am awake. So as I logged into my blog I noticed that they now have mobile apps so you can update your blog whenever you want. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. So I just had to grab my iPod and check out this app. I then decided I was tired of the way my blogged looked so I started playing with that. Which was not the smartest idea, because I then started to look at my friends blogs and had the thought that my life is boring and un eventful. So I thought I needed to update some pictures. As I was looking at my pictures I scolded myself....."Brendon you have an extremely fun life knock it off". As I was sitting at my computer my feet got cold and my bed was calling my name.

So here I sit testing out the mobile blogger app and looking at pictures on my iPad and thinking how much fun it will be to post pictures that my kids take, to be able to start a post as the kids do something silly, a soap box thought enters my brain, or whatever, and I can come back to it and not have to wrack my brain of what I wanted to blog about! For instance this picture my youngest took......

It just amazes me what we can do with technology, has it made our lives easier, for me I feel stressed out trying to keep up with it all. It seems like once I figure something out or get used to a program everything changes and I have to start all over. So has technology made our lives easier or more stressful because we have to constantly keep up with the changes and the newest technology?