Sunday, May 29, 2011


So a lot has happened lately not good or bad just a lot. Jef is doing awesome in school and is loving it. I am having fun with school, but recently my desire to become a book worm again has bit my butt, along with the sewing bug. I am working on 7 different quilts right now along with making dresses for my girls along with learning how to read a pattern. It has been so much fun. A little frustrating. but fun.

My todo list is ever growing from sewing projects, counted cross stitch projects, and painting projects. It seems like as I cross off one project 7 more get added. I keep thinking once life slows down......oh wait I have heard/been saying that since I was 7. It has only been 21 years. There is still hope right.

I ran into a friend from WOU at Walmart the other day and she does roller derby and she is trying to get me involved. I miss playing rugby and I for sure need to start doing something active so why not. I have to check it out and see what Jeff thinks before I actually commit to it. We will see what happens with that.

Well my sewing machine is calling my name the pepsi I have had today has kicked in and I am awake for sure.....Have a fabulous night!!