Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Did it Come From???

So many of you know I have been on a quest to clean out, organize, clean up...etc.  Well Last night I was in a cranky mood so I decided what a perfect time to work on cleaning off my desk.  I put a movie on for the girls, Jeff was watching football...YUK!!!!  So  cleaned....I have always felt that when you are cranky, mad, angry, upset...that is the best time to clean because (Well at least for me) that is when the emotional attachment to stuff is gone and after about an hour or 2 I feel a ton better and I feel better in the sense that I got rid of.

So last night I was sitting at my desk organizing bills, going through the stacks of papers and stuff, scanning documents, recipes from magazines, etc.  I got about half way through a pile of papers when I came across a Looney Toon's Folder.  You know the kind that we bough in junior high for our papers.  I opened it and about died.  I found even more magazine things that I have ripped out over the years.  I decided it was time to go to bed!!!

I have learned that I like the idea of having magazine subscriptions to things like Better Homes and Garden, Real Simple, Health, Rachel Ray.  But when the magazine gets here it goes straight into my pile of to look at later.  Pretty soon I have a stack of magazines that are 2 and 3 years old and only a handful of them were ever opened.  SOLUTION I no longer subscribe to magazines.

Anyways, in my quest to de-clutter my house and clean out so when we move we have less to pack I will pick up a magazine look through it and pull out recipes I want to try, things I want, articles that yell at me...READ ME..... or anything else that catches my eye and get rid of the magazine, however, now I have this folder of ripped out magazine things....NOW WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?

I took it to bed with me and started going through it and I cannot believe how many pages I have ripped out and today I have no idea why.

I am always in awe of how fast I can accumulate stuff and than cannot remember what it was for or why I even bought it in the first place........I still maintain that when I sleep little gnomes come out and add Miracle Grow to things just to hide a giggle later as I scratch my head in wonderment.

The good news is I almost have a desk top again!!! YEAH!!!

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