Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am horrible at this blogging thing.....

So I have learned that blogging is hard for me to do regularly and I really look up to all my friends that make posts regularly.  However, I keep trying and I always want to go backwards and post things that happened MONTHS ago!!!!

Where we live our city is split up by a river.  We live on the west, but do everything on the east side.  We have 3 bridges that run across our river.  1 bridge takes traffic West to East.  1 bridge takes traffic East to West and the 3rd bridge used to be an old train bridge that has been converted to a foot bridge.  The conversion happened a few years ago and Jeff and I have been saying since they did it that one day we will walk across it to get a different perspective of the river.  Well yesterday was that day.  We ran some errands with the girls in the morning and because the weather was cool, a little windy, and rainy off and on we stopped at Dutch Brothers for some hot chocolate before we walked across the bridge.  

Here is our fun walk!!!

Jeff was trying to get the girls to walk on the same foot as him!!!

Almost have it!!! Ok I also love these kind of shots!!

OK We made them hug, but who can resist a cute sisterly hug!!

Ok ok ok sisterly bear hug!

Jasmin is trying to get away or something

And now the chasing begins

This is another one of my favorite!!!

Payeton just walking along minding her own
business enjoying the river!

And this was the perfect day to do it all as well.  Well until the end when we had a few very creepy homeless guys walk right by us.  Jeff's protective instincts kicked and watched me and the kids like a hawk while keeping an eye on the guys until there was a lot of distance between us and them.  He is my HERO!!!!!

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