Friday, January 31, 2014

January TUSAL - ORT

A few years ago I stumbled across a blog that I immediately fell in love with.  Part of the blog is motivating us cross stitchers to get projects done.  We use a jar and collect the ORT's (Old Ratty Threads) and put them in a jar or container of your choice and about once a month you take a picture and post even if there was nothing added to the jar.  A lot of people also take a picture of their project(s) and post them as well.  This is fun because when you think you are not EVER going to finish you can look at the pictures and realize how much you really got done.  

I like it because it motivates me to keep going.....even when I am SO DONE with a particular stitching.  And as you collect the ORT's you watch your jar slowly fill up and the colors mixed together is actually kind of pretty.  Some people can fill their jar monthly....however....I am not that lucky.  I think it is because I have a "waste not want not" type attitude when it comes to floss and I use every last bit and so I only add the short small ends.  If I am done with a section and there is enough floss to use later on I keep it......

Ok enough so here is my jar and a stitching I am making into a birth announcement for my newest baby that was born a month ago.  I had every intention of having this finished before she was born, but I had the virus, cold, crap that laid me out for about 6 weeks...the last 6 weeks of pregnancy so I had no energy and desire to do anything...ANYTHING....I forced myself to not beg my doctor to induce me early so I could take medicine.  My cough so was bad it was probably boarder line mom was thinking walking pneumonia...I lost weight and all because I had no appetite....It was BAD.  Even after the baby was born it took me a couple of weeks for my ears to return to normal.....

Ok sorry for the side note.....I am random...

Back to the topic at hand her is my ORT for January!!!

This is a cute picture of Tigger and Pooh holding Tiggers tale and Piglet is "jumping rope"

I will finish Tigger...I see orange everywhere!!!

Here is my ORT jar.  I am determined this year to fill it. I added a little bit of yarn because I finishing up a crocheting project.