ORT-TUSAL - 2013


Here is my February ORT....I know I know it is not much but you have to start somewhere.

 Even though I did not add much this past month.  
Some progress is better than none.  
I did finish a stitching for my sister and it feels good to get it in the mail to her.  
But here is my ORT Jar Progress

This last month has a been a few firsts for me.  I am currently working on 3 different stitchings at the same time.  I vowed to myself I would never do that.  I am working on 1 for my sister, 1 for a friend of mine, and 1 for my family that I started over a year ago.  I decided each time I sit down and stitch I will work on a different one.  Even though I am working on 3 of them my ORT jar is not filling up very fast.  I hate to waste thread so I use ever little bit that I can and only add the small ends.  


This is an old style Coke Bottle that I thought is perfect

A stitching for a friend of mine. I cannot give more details
than that because it is a surprise and a present

This is a stitching  of Cars the movie for my sister.
 It will end up on a pillow case for her boys.
When this one is finished I have to start another one.  She has 2 boys

This is a Families are Forever alphabet stitching.  The actual name is
escaping me right now, but I started it over a year ago.  I have been busy
working on other things that it has been neglected


I have nothing to report this month again.  We have been busy moving, traveling, graduating college and more that by the time I am ready to stitch I fall asleep.  I am hoping now that we are almost settled and we are just back to the fairly normal work schedule, I will have more time stitch away.......I am way behind in projects......


So this month....or should I say the last couple of months have been crazy busy and I have done minimal stitching.  But I have started yet another stitching....I am just not making much progress on anything....ACROSS THE BOARD!!!!  Here is my ORT for the month with no pictures of updates because like I said they are minimal.



OK OK OK I know I know I know!!!! I am a little late this month.  This past week or 2 weeks have been crazy!!!!!!! Like breakneck whirl wind speed!!!!! But I have added to my jar.  I am not sure if I can include it in my jar but I have started crocheting....nothing fancy...so I added the ends of some of my projects to that too!

I have been working a few different stitching projects.  Maybe soon I will have a finished one to post.  Yes that is my messy desk that I have been trying to un-messy for a few........Months...HA HA HA it is actually better than it was!!!


So this past month I have gotten a lot of stitching done.  Nothing completed mind you, but I made good progress on 2 different projects, but I actually 6 in the works.  However, here are the 2 that i have deadlines on!

I am actually making 2 of these.  When finished it
will be Lightening McQueen from Cars.  I will be
Sewing it some pillowcases when done! I want to have them
done by the end of the month so I can mail them in time
for Christmas!!

This is going to be a birth sampler for my 3rd little girl that is due in January.
I like to have them finished before my babies are born so all I have to do is add
the date and weight and have it framed.

Here is my ORT Jar.  I am still trying to figure out
how everyone else's fills up so fast.  This is all
I have after a year of doing this?  Is it because I use up
all of my thread and only add the small trimmings?
Well here it is folks my November progress.  I feel like I have made a lot of progress along with other machine sewing projects and crochet projects.  I am trying to find that happy medium of working on it all.  But being pregnant, working, and chasing a 4 and 5 year old around, I am too tired at the end of the day to even think straight, but I have so many unfinished projects that I cannot allow myself to just go to bed most nights!!  Happy Stitching to all!!



Again I know I am late.....but some times it is better late than never.  The past few weeks I have not had a chance to sit at my computer and do anything.....I feel like from the moment my feet hit the floor until I lay down in bed I have been running.....It makes the days go by fast, but my personal time and projects have been greatly neglected lately and I can feel it/see it.

So here is my jar....not filling up very fast, but each strand that I add no matter how small means I am getting closer to finishing up a started project.

I promis it is not the same picture over and over and over.  I do add to it.  I have decided that I am a thread hoarder so I only add the very ends of my threads so it takes FOREVER....I am hoping to actually finish a project or 2 soon.  

I cannot wait for next years TUSAL-ORT to happen it has helped me to try and stay focused on getting things done.  So tonight I am going to empty my jar and my goal is to fill it in 2014!!! 

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