Monday, November 4, 2013

Digital Clutter VS Material Clutter

I just had an oh my gosh moment.  I have been trying to down size our stuff and clean out old books that I either have read a long time ago, bought with intentions to read and it has been 10 out old magazines that are still in their plastic mailers from 2 years ago, stacks of paper in general, clothes.....Ok I think you get it.

I had that duh moment.  

When I look at others homes and blogs I think I am so going to have that house TODAY!!!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  A few weeks  ago it dawned on me de clutter takes time A LOT OF TIME....YEARS...IT NEVER ENDS!!! So I have learned if everyday I can get rid of a little bit my home is happier and so am I.  Even if that means only 5 magazines or 6 books or 2 t-shirts I have not worn in 4 years...whatever it may be every little bit helps.

So today I as I have been sitting at my computer trying to get some scanning done I noticed that my computer has slowed down...WAY DOWN. I want to go by a new computer so it is fast again.  Than I thought "when was the last time I cleaned out old files?"  Um Hello 2011 ish.  I have 30,000 pictures, about 500 plus documents, games.....UM no wonder.  So now that I have had this thought what to do.  I need to clean out know the ones the kids take of the wall, the shoe, pitch black, school papers that I wrote and saved that I have not opened back up since the day I submitted them....etc. Some things I want to keep and back up, but not everything.  

As I was sitting here thinking about this I realized digital clutter can be just as stressful as material clutter.  Only digital clutter is out of sight and out of mind until your computer starts running at a snails speed.  Now I have added another TO DO to my list.  Clean up my computer....... 

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  1. omgosh yes I keep trying to do that to my computer too. I take wayy too many pictures! This is what causes all the slowness in my laptop I am sure! Good luck. I already filled up a 2TB external hard drive and numerous dvds and cds. Oi