Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy To Forget......

As a mom it is natural to go through a roller coaster of emotions and moods.  You asked to do things right now by kids and your husband.  You need to go potty but first you need to feed the baby, get lunch ready for the kids, you need to make a phone call.....pretty soon your cranky and yelling at everyone and have no idea why.  That's when you look at the clock see it is 4:30 you still haven't gone potty and realized the only thing that you have  for lunch is the last 3 bites of sandwich your child let of their plate and the 4 carrot sticks and a quick drink of water.

You look around your house and think "so what did I get done today?"  You see piles of dirty clothes that you were going to wash, Overflowing garbage, Breakfast bowls still in the sink.........

Than comes bedtime and you remind yourself my kids are alive and did something right today.

As I sit here after a day that started out strong and slowly went to a less productive day, rocking my 10 month old to sleep early because the only nap she got was this morning for about 1 hour... Listening to her breath I forget how blessed my life is, what a blessing my kids are to me, how much I love them.  I forget that all they want it mom time, snuggle time, to be loved and noticed...

Motherhood is not easy there are days I say to myself...if only I did not have kids, if only they were older.....if only........but than I am gently reminded that these are the God days.  When The baby giggles at her older sisters, the joy I feel from knowing my kids all love each other, the joy I feel when my older kids help out people without being asked....

It is easy to forget that I am one blessed mom and wife with a wonderful family....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So I am at that point in the pregnancy now that my heart burn is horrible, I get up about 1,000 times a night to pee, I can't get comfortable when I here I am the second night in a row with insomnia.

It does not help either that my mind has decided to start fretting about EVERYTHING.  No really I mean everything.

Is this baby going to have a cleft palate?
How can we afford another one?
Are we ever going to get out of debt?
Am I a good mom?
How can I teach my children to be neater/cleaner?
Will I ever become organized?
Should I stop blogging?
I am too much of a negative person?
Why has Jeff stuck with me this long?
Am I really beautiful to him or does he say that to make me feel good?
Will I ever be under 200 pounds again?
How do my friends have the confidence to sell their crafts but I don't?
Could I sell what I make and help pay bills?
Do I need to find a job?
I need to learn to cook..
Should I start menu planning?

So I think you get the idea.  When my mind starts thinking like this I get super duper mad at Jeff because he is laying next to me snoring, sweating, drooling, dreaming.  ME I am flipping and flopping wishing to go back to sleep.

So tonight instead of laying there I decided to get up.  However I cannot do much because I do not want to wake up the family. I would love to turn on a movie and sew, but my sewing machine is in our loft right between our bedroom and the girls bedroom and if I shut doors the rooms get super hot or I end up waking up one of the kids or Jeff will ask me what is wrong and tell me to go back to bed.

One of my biggest eye sores in my house is my desk.  I have stacks of papers, bills, things to scan, boxes of stuff stacked next to it.  So here I sit, working on simplifying my e-mail in box, scanning receipts, bills etc, sorting out bills, and generally working on my desk.

So when the sandman decides your done sleeping at 3 in the morning.  What do you do?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time Fly's

I like to be late with posting my ORT

So once again, I am late. 
I have been doing a lot of.....well......Not sure what I have been doing a lot of lately other than getting my kids on and off the school bus, changing poopy diapers, running errands and being pregnant.  

I am way behind on stitchings and quilt projects, but what is new.

My baby is 10 months old and I still have her birth announcement to finish.  I have not even started looking for a new birth announcement for my baby that will be born in about 9 weeks.  Little lone an awesome idea for Christmas for my in-laws.

All well some progress is better than even though I am late here is my jar.....

This is more from sewing and finishing up a started sewing projects than it is from stitching.
But it does show progress that I my Ph.D's (Projects half done) are getting done.

So I guess like always it is better late than never and I hope that I am not penalized......Tee Hee.