Monday, November 4, 2013

Digital Clutter VS Material Clutter

I just had an oh my gosh moment.  I have been trying to down size our stuff and clean out old books that I either have read a long time ago, bought with intentions to read and it has been 10 out old magazines that are still in their plastic mailers from 2 years ago, stacks of paper in general, clothes.....Ok I think you get it.

I had that duh moment.  

When I look at others homes and blogs I think I am so going to have that house TODAY!!!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!!!  A few weeks  ago it dawned on me de clutter takes time A LOT OF TIME....YEARS...IT NEVER ENDS!!! So I have learned if everyday I can get rid of a little bit my home is happier and so am I.  Even if that means only 5 magazines or 6 books or 2 t-shirts I have not worn in 4 years...whatever it may be every little bit helps.

So today I as I have been sitting at my computer trying to get some scanning done I noticed that my computer has slowed down...WAY DOWN. I want to go by a new computer so it is fast again.  Than I thought "when was the last time I cleaned out old files?"  Um Hello 2011 ish.  I have 30,000 pictures, about 500 plus documents, games.....UM no wonder.  So now that I have had this thought what to do.  I need to clean out know the ones the kids take of the wall, the shoe, pitch black, school papers that I wrote and saved that I have not opened back up since the day I submitted them....etc. Some things I want to keep and back up, but not everything.  

As I was sitting here thinking about this I realized digital clutter can be just as stressful as material clutter.  Only digital clutter is out of sight and out of mind until your computer starts running at a snails speed.  Now I have added another TO DO to my list.  Clean up my computer....... 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yes I realize this is after the fact, but all well!  Jasmin's kindergarten class took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and boy oh boy did Payeton mope for DAYS!!!!

We decided to take a family trip to the pumpkin patch that Jasmin went to and it was a blast!!!

There were cut outs like this all over the farm
The girls loved them!

Running through the corn maze!!!

Was cold but did not want to stop!

She must be looking for foot prints to help us get out

This was where the maze lead the teepee!

And it was awesome!!!!

If this was to scale I have got some super tall kids

There is not much difference between the girls anymore

This slide was fun.  You had to climb up a pirate ship
made out of hay bails to get to the top of it!

These were peddle tractors that the girls struggled with.
The ground was wet and uneven.  There were a lot of tractors in
a small area as well

Time for the duck races!  I want to build one of these in our backyard..
when we get a back yard!

Jasmin loved this she wants to learn how
to ride real horses

Payeton not so much!

At the end of the trip we were hungry and they had bratwurst there.  Jeff looked at my and said yes you can get one.  What a good man he is.  So of course I got one loaded with homemade sauerkraut and grilled onions.  YUM!  As I was waiting for mine to be finished I was watching the 2 men that were running it.  I asked them if their sausages were a family recipe and he said "yes straight from Holland, my family is from Holland".  EVEN BETTER!!! Talk about fat free grease free deliciousness!  I could have eaten 2 of them and Jeff laughed at me because I think I ate in 3 bites!

I am horrible at this blogging thing.....

So I have learned that blogging is hard for me to do regularly and I really look up to all my friends that make posts regularly.  However, I keep trying and I always want to go backwards and post things that happened MONTHS ago!!!!

Where we live our city is split up by a river.  We live on the west, but do everything on the east side.  We have 3 bridges that run across our river.  1 bridge takes traffic West to East.  1 bridge takes traffic East to West and the 3rd bridge used to be an old train bridge that has been converted to a foot bridge.  The conversion happened a few years ago and Jeff and I have been saying since they did it that one day we will walk across it to get a different perspective of the river.  Well yesterday was that day.  We ran some errands with the girls in the morning and because the weather was cool, a little windy, and rainy off and on we stopped at Dutch Brothers for some hot chocolate before we walked across the bridge.  

Here is our fun walk!!!

Jeff was trying to get the girls to walk on the same foot as him!!!

Almost have it!!! Ok I also love these kind of shots!!

OK We made them hug, but who can resist a cute sisterly hug!!

Ok ok ok sisterly bear hug!

Jasmin is trying to get away or something

And now the chasing begins

This is another one of my favorite!!!

Payeton just walking along minding her own
business enjoying the river!

And this was the perfect day to do it all as well.  Well until the end when we had a few very creepy homeless guys walk right by us.  Jeff's protective instincts kicked and watched me and the kids like a hawk while keeping an eye on the guys until there was a lot of distance between us and them.  He is my HERO!!!!!