Sunday, December 8, 2013


Today as Jeff is laying bed resting from his ACL and Meniscus surgery that took place on Thursday, as the girls are playing with their V-Tech reading books and the iPad, I sit at my computer wishing I could be cloned, kind of like the old movie Multiplicity.  Only I want one of me to keep scanning documents and I work towards de-cluttering my house of the tubs and stacks of paper.

I would like one of me to finish up laundry.....I just made a new batch of laundry soap today.  I would also like one of me to be sitting and stitching to finish at least 1 of the 6 in progress projects.  1 of me could be finishing up pot holders, a quilt, or a baby blanket or 2.  While another one works on crocheting the last of the wash cloths that I have started.

It is amazing to me how complicated we make life.  I am whining and complaining I know.  But all well.  Sometimes I just feel like I have so many things pulling me in different directions that if I sit and work on one I keep nagging myself.  You should not be working on this you need to be working on that. But if I switch tasks than I feel like I am being pulled towards a different task!

Anyways, that is my randomness for the day and my vent for the day.  I know that getting different projects done will not take one day it will take in some cases months to complete. I just tell my brain to shut up and chip away at the project I chose...only today that is not working!!!

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  1. awesome that you make laundry soap! My friend does too and she gives me some sometimes but she lives down in Springville so I dont see her too often. I totally agree with how complicated we make life..I think I do it on purpose , maybe not complicated but I like to keep things busy and on the go. I have piles and tubs too...maybe if we traded work for a day we could get more done? haha ;-)