Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day of Rest......or Something

So today is a relaxing Sunday.  First one we have had in a long time.  Usually I feel we get home from church and we just go go go....I thought Sunday was a day of rest?!

Well today it is.  Kinda of.  Jeff is taking a nap, Jasmin is cuddling with him playing the iPad.  Payeton is out here in the front room with me watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the millionth time and I am torn between about 5 different things.

1) I recently purchased a Neat Receipts Scanner and I am trying to clean off my desk and to get rid of paper clutter in general I have boxes and file folders and.......of nothing but papers and documents.

2) I want to cut fabric for different quilt projects

3) I want to organize my sewing/office/storage room

4) I would love to sit and just play games on the computer and become brain dead for the day

5) I want to find the old Friend magazines that we have and tear out the Family Home Evening Ideas and start laminating and making FHE lessons so we can start having them, especially now that Jasmin will be in Kindergarten in the fall


6) I want to take a nap....which will result in me not sleeping tonight!

Oh what to mom has it right. She has always told me to set a time and do a little bit of all it....well I did I have set a time and I going to working on as much as I can......Getting my house in order is part of the day of rest, I believe, because a house of order is next to Godliness and it helps us feel the spirit more and we want to be home in a nice clean house.

Happy Day of Rest everyone!

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  1. nice! We got a scanner too for all our documents and papers ..last year? But we have yet to use it. :( We have like 2 tubs of papers to be scanned. That's a lot and most of it is mine.Just a matter of sitting down and DOING it. I agree that working on your house on Sunday is an ok thing to do. I do that too :)