Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop Buying and Start Doing.......

So I have serious ADD when it comes to finishing projects. I want this sign

 I cannot tell you (ok I am embarrassed to admit) how many projects I have the materials for and have even started, but have not finished.  We are not talking a few weeks lapse I have fabric or materials for various sewing projects, counted cross stitch projects, Super Saturday projects that I bought a few years ago.  They either sit untouched or unfinished.

I was thinking the other day if I were locked in a room without distractions, plenty of food and water and movies or music for background noise, and ALL the materials I needed to finish each started project or bought for project I would be busy for a couple of years.

Here is just one project I started over a year ago. A quilt for my brother called "Tumbler Quilt".  It is a great quilt to use up the scraps of fabric that are too big to throw away, but not really big enough for anything else.

This is fabric chain sewn together waiting to be cut and ironed.

This is the tub of already cut fabric

I got all of the fabric cut now it is waiting to be ironed and sewing together
to make strips of 4.  I know right now it does make sense but it will later!
I have close to a dozen quilts either started or the fabric has been purchased, I have fabric for crayon rolls, pillow cases, clothes, hot pads/pot holders (it depends on what you call them) and fabric that I bought because it was too cute to pass up.  I have probably 20 + counted cross stitch kits and patterns sitting in boxes waiting to be done and at least 6 started counted cross stitch projects.  I have yarn for different crochet projects......Ok ok I think you get the picture.

Anyways I keep buying and buying and buying and I will start some and soon get bored so I will start another.  I have overwhelmed myself by what I have staring at me to get done.  So my main question is why can't I finish a project?  On the rare occasion that I do finish something it feels soooooooooo good.  A weight is lifted and I can breath until I turn around and see the next project.  Not only do I keep buying I cannot say no to people.  When someone asks me if I can make something for them I always say yes.  I need to learn to either keep my mouth shut or say no.

I have tried banning myself from fabric stores unless I NEED something, but once I walk in I loose self control and come out with more......

I cannot blame anyone for my overwhelmed feelings of unfinished projects, but myself.  I need to attend Unfinished Projects Anonymous!

I just need to not be distracted and finish projects!!!!!!

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