Sunday, March 16, 2014


Ok so I started this post last now I feel the title is even more appropriate.   Life happened, I got distracted, thought I saved what I started.......but I didn't!!!

I have been trying to figure out why I don't have enough time in my day to get it all done.  Now I do realize that some days you do it get all done because the stars align, the moon is reflecting the su. Just right, the gods are on your side....whatever you want to call are on top of the world.  By the time you fall into bed, you pat yourself on the back and say to yourself...."I am awesome" you feel, like your perfect spouse, the best parent, the best sibling, daughter, etc........but than it seems like you have a day where at the end of the day you think to yourself.....well what did I do today, laundry is not done, we had cold ceral for dinner, the kids made it to bed with the clothes they wore to bed the night before and played in did not get anything done and can't put a finger on could have been your kids demanded your attention every waking did not get out of bed until noon.....were you distracted? 

I have found a pattern the day I am on top of the world, appointments, made phone calls made, laundry was done and put away, kids did work sheets, house was cleaned, dinner made and ready for my hsivand when he got home, kids bathed.........I think you get the idea......after a "perfect" day it seems the next day......I put kids to bed and I look around at the sink full of dishes......the cereal bowls on the counter from dinner.....I did not even get dressed......I think what on earth did I do today?  Apparently nothing......oh wait yeah I did I pinned 400 new pins on Pinterest, I updated my Facebook status almost every hour, I read everyone else's posts and commented on every single one of my friends, I played my unimportant Facebook games, iPhone games, I watched movies all day, I think I fed my kids lunch or maybe they just out of the snack drawer...all well they ate something....I hope.  I go to bed feeling an inch tall a horrible person, mother and wife.  So as I try not to beat myself up too much I vow to myself tomorrow I won't even touch the computer, I will leave my phone on my dresser, I won't even think about Pinterest.     But it never happens.  

I also get that once in a while we all have lazy days where we never got dressed, the kids watched movies all day, they had cold cereal for all 3 meals and even their snacks, your lucky if dirty dishes even made it to the sink.....everyone needs a lazy day once in a while to recharge or just to snuggle the kids because it has been a long time.....or the kids are extr needy because of not feeling good, or they are cranky or they are clingy and won't let you leave their sight.  

I know the world that I have created in my head......"Leave it to Beaver" world does not exist....but I would like to have something close something so when my husband comes home after 10 + hours at work (some days that does not include commute time) he can have a yummy dinner ready, an almost clean home, kids bathed, etc so when he does get home we can eat dinner and watch a movie or go play or just have snuggle time.

It amazes me at how helpful technology is, how it has improved, how much easier it is to stay in touch with friends and family, you can keep all of your appointments in your phone now and not have to carry around a calendar, how we can have the world literally at our finger tips on our phone, but now it seems we have even more distractions.  Not saying these things are bad, but it is crazy to me that I can sit down and I am going to spend 5 minutes while the kids are eating lunch to catch up on Facebook and the next thing I know the kids have finished eating, watched a movie and my husband is going to be home in an hour and I have no idea what to make for dinner.  I was distracted from spending time with my kids, folding laundry, quickly putting dishes in dishwasher, making dinner, going for a walk outside in the sunshine......whatever it may be.  How did technology take over?  

I laugh at this thought, but there is marrit to it. I wish we were in the 50s again.  You know the time where there were only 5 tv channels, kids played out side until dark, there were no cell phones or computers, etc.  life was hard back then no doubt, but a lot simpler in many were not demanding toys they saw on tv, everyone knew their neighbors, the only time we were able to talk on the phone was at home...etc. ok so maybe we don't have to go as far back as the 50s, but it better illustrates my idea. 

I need to become unplugged, but it is so hard.  Having the world at my finger tips is so handy I can look up anything online and get my answer, but by being attached to my phone I miss out on what my kids are doing, I don't talk to my husband like I should because we are both busy looking at our phones, I even have noticed how irritated I get when I am trying to read a frivolous article online and one of my sweet children asks me a question.  

I am struggling to find a balance in my life.  Technology has been a huge blessing in many ways, but detrimental in others.  Do you remember having all of your friends phone numbers memorized? I do......can you tell me what your husbands phone number is at work? Or what your best friends number is now? I know I can't. Have we stopped making out brains work hard because we can plug it all into our phone. Are we damaging out brains by not making them work?  I think of it as becoming out of shape. I quit working out years happened, marriage jobs, kids, injuries......I tried to do a basic workout the other day and oh my gosh I have gotten weak and to think a few years ago I could play college soccer for 90 minutes and now I cannot even walk up the stairs without my thighs burning and breathing that what is happening to our brains?  Are we creating Alzheimer's by not working our brains like we used to, like muscle atrophy has set in on my for lack of using my muscles?

Oh look there we go again I got distracted...again....

How do you limit distractions? And not just Facebook distractions, but in general, we are all plagued with our own distractions weather it be technology, talking on the phone, writing, etc.

I have so many things I need to get done and I know if I limited my distractions I would get a lot more done, so why can't I walk away from them? HELP!!!!!!

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