Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sharing My Work.....Some of it Anyways

So after talking with people I realized that I do not show off my finished projects very often and I should.  So I am going to start and I am going to progress more often.....ok well I will try.....I have a hard time showing what I have finished. Why you ask? I have no idea......well ok actually I do...but that is an entirely different discussion for a different day.

So for starters this is my first "finished project" of the year....quite literally....she was born on January 1.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone and how little I have gotten accomplished and I get frustrated....until I see her smile and think there is no reason to get frustrated I have been a little busy  with this cutie pie........

By far my most favorite recent finished "project"
Ok so besides my little baby I have gotten somethings done recently.

I started making hot pads/pot holders from the quilt squares that I make for my monthly quilt class.  I eventually will start selling them.  I really enjoy making them because they are quick and add color to your kitchen while serving a purpose.  The ones here I sent to my mom for some sisters that she visit teaches for church.

Back #1

Front #1

Front #2

Back #2

Front #3

Back #3

Front #4

Back #4

Those hot pads/pot holders were considered "alternative blocks" meaning I used the pattern from quilt class, but chose my own fabrics to use to make a different looking block

This picture does not do the blanket justice.  But this is Jorilynn's baby blanket that I made for her.  This was pre backing, batting and tying. 

This was a midnight mystery "class" that I participated in just before halloween.
I signed up for this class and all we knew was what fabric colors to provide, we had no
idea what we were making it was really fun.  We worked on this one step at a time all while talking,
giggling and eating junk food from 6pm to about 1 am.  

This is my first crocheted blanket EVER!  

And a close up of it.  I saw this on Pinterest and fell
in love with the chunky blanket look.  So I made
one for Jorilynn

I made this blanket for my brother he love Dr. Seuss
and Cat in the Hat.  I saw this fabric and could not resist
and it took a while to find the perfect pattern.  It took a
while to make, but I like how it turned out.

My youngest brother and I had the chance to meet Dr. Seuss when he was in elementary school. He came to our school for an assemble.  I do not remember much of it, but my brother does.  He LOVES any book written by Dr. Seuss and I do too.  I love how whimsical they are and I love his story of why he started writing int he first place.

The back of the quilt is flannel.  I love flannel and how cosy it makes quilts!

This is the back of the Dr. Seuss Quilt

This is a Bernstein Bears blanket.  I used the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern to make a baby blanket to sell.  Bernstein Bears are fun.  I enjoy reading the stories to my kids.  I remember reading these books in doctors offices.

Again flannel.  I really like using flannel on baby blankets to make them soft and extra cuddly for babies.

This quilt was a kit I bought on clearance.  The pattern is called "Gypsy Quilt".  I really love all the colors and patterns.  My mom often tells me I was born in the wrong era because of the fabric patterns and colors I like....big bold and colorful.

 This quilt was a mystery quilt.  Part of the quilt class I attend we get the directions to a mystery quilt.  The last 6 months of the class we get one set of directions at a time.  We have no idea what the quilt will look like until the end.

The first set of directions include the quantity and hue of fabric.  For example  color 1 light 4 yards, color 2 medium 2 yards, color 3 medium dark 3 yards, color 4 dark, 5 yards.  That is all we know so we buy what we like and hope it works.  It is fun and I enjoy it.  The steps are broken down so in theory the last class of the year you can show off your quilt.  It is amazing at how different colors can change the color of the quilt.

This one I chose to do a Halloween theme.  Themes make the quilts more fun, I think.

As I work on cleaning and organizing the pictures on my computer I will show off more of what I have done past and present.  I forget to post because I put pictures on my computer and think..."In the next day or 2 when I get a few minutes I will post pictures...." and it never happens.

I hope this year 2014 I can become better about blogging and not just my random thoughts, but more of journaling of projects, family life, and the fun things we do.

I have decided that I am going to TRY and blog once a week on Sundays.  That way I can journal often, but not to the point that I become stressed about doing it.

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