Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time for Change

Tonight at the dinner table in the middle of eating spaghetti Payeton announced that she wants her hair cut.  I reminded her that she wanted long Tangled hair.  She looked at me and said "not anymore".  Jeff first said no.  I grilled her and grilled her and grilled her and showed her pictures and she still said yes I want my hair short.  

Mom can I please get my hair cut

This is before we left!

So at 8:00 tonight we jumped in the car, drove the 2 blocks down the hill to Great Clips and walked in. I asked her again.  "Are you sure you want short hair?"  She had a huge grin and said yes.  We got her set up in the chair and they got started.  I told them a pixie cut and they lady looked at me like I was crazy.  I went pulled the book and said....yup like that.   She said ok, but told me her hair is fine and won't look like the picture.  I told her I know she is cursed with my hair.  

So this is the look that we were going for (her hair was cut at the end of summer last year)

This is my favorite hair cut on Payeton I have to see
 if I have a back view of it

I love it when they share.

And this is what we got 

Everybody Look Left

I know it looks a little choppy but after
 bath tub it does not look choppy at all

I have to laugh she is super tired and is not feeling 100%
but the deer in the headlights look cracks me up

When the lady showed Payeton the back of her hair.  Her eyes got huge and she had a huge grin on her face and she said she loved it.  I told her it was a little shorter than I had anticipated, but it is ok because it turned out super duper cute.  The gal that cut her hair was worried and thought I was mad at her.  I reassured her that I was not mad at all and that I think it turned out super cute.  

I need to remember to next time take in the exact picture I am after.  I think she pulls off the short hair look really well.  I love it!

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