Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bragging Time

So this morning.......was rushed........very rushed.  My alarm went off at 6:45am.  I have been trying very hard to wake up at that time so I can shower get lunches know the mom thing before I have to wake up the kids. It is the intention that counts right?

So between late nights and Payeton fighting a very stubborn ear infection I over slept.....a an hour.....That's right I did not wake up until 7:45 am and I have to leave my house by 8:20 to get the kids to school on time.  I am not sure what woke me up, but I jumped out of bed took a very fast shower, woke up the girls.  Saw that Jeff left his wallet at home, got medicine into Payeton and in her ear, got them dressed, grabbed lunch boxes and we went to Safeway.  I let them pick out a lunchable this morning.  As we were headed to the check out.  Jasmin said "mom you forgot to feed us breakfast" I stopped and thought..."CRAP I am terrible mom this morning" So we quickly went to the breakfast isle they picked out pop tarts that they wanted I grabbed some fruit snacks so they had a snack at snack time.  We went to the check out and checked out.  (The entire time we were giggling and pretending we were in a race)

When we got back in the car I ripped apart the lunchables and put them in their lunch boxes, opened the pop tarts and took them to school.  I was impressed because we were there at 9:00 which is what time they need to be there. As I was leaving them at school I reached into my pocket to call Jeff to tell him I had his wallet, but as I pulled out my hand I saw I grabbed my I-pod and not my phone.  So I power walked across campus to find his classroom that he was in.  I was nervous to go into his classroom as he is studying hard and trying to get work done, but when I got there they were in lab and I snuck in gave him his wallet and he had a huge grin on his face like a little school boy seeing his crush.  It made my day.  I walked out and I do not think anyone even noticed I was there.

I walked back to my car and came home to only realize how filthy our house is.  So now I am going to go tackle my house for a few minutes.

But today even though I had a moment of bad mom syndrome, I was very proud of myself that we got ready to go, the girls did not fight me but were giggling with me and my craziness, and we got to school on time.

I am blaming it on daylight savings time and how we have not adjusted!

Have a fantastic day everyone

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