Saturday, March 16, 2013


On Wednesday, March 13, I got a phone call for Payetons pre-school saying that she was running and tripped (her face broke the fall).  They told me that she has a fat lip and few scrapes on her face.  But she is ok.

When I went to go pick her up after work this is what I was greeted with.

See mom I have a fat lip

She was trying to look pouty to make her lip stick out further

Even her gums were a little bit bruised

She was a trooper though.  Her teacher told me she only sat still for a few minutes with an ice pack because she was ready to go play again.  My mom had asked later that day what happened and Payeton told her that shew as running with a football in her hands and she tipped.

As Jeff and I were laying in bed. We were laughing because she reminded us of the movie "Fun with Dick and Jane" When Jane went it to be part of a research study for botox and she had an allergic reaction and her lips were puffy............I know I know it is not nice to laugh my daughter.....but it was funny.

The next the scabs were forming so it looked worse.

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