Sunday, March 10, 2013


Do you ever have those days where you brain is just swimming?  Well if not I am jealous.  Today I taught Relief Society and it was an amazing lesson on the Holy Ghost.  My lesson did not go at all as planned.  I have not taught Relief Society in a long time and I felt like it showed, but I had a lot of fun.  When I got home.  My brain just started going.  I have to run to my moms this evening, I need to get stuff ready to send to my sister, I have get sewing projects done, Jeff is trying to get projects done for school that are due tomorrow and he has finals coming up, I need to clean up the kitchen..........Ok Ok OK I think you get the idea.

These two awesome little girls want, the iPad, they want dad, a movie, mac and cheese.......the list is long today.

But when I stop and think about how lucky I am..........I relax and have a smile on my face.

This little girl cracks me up......she is starting to establish her own style and this is an outfit she picked out all by herself and she was doing a B-BAM thing that some of our friends taught her.

 My mom and I (ok mostly my mom) buys fresh produce from a food co-op and this past week part of it was fresh carrots.  This picture does not do it just at all, but the carrots are HUGE and they taste home grown garden fresh.  The girls have been "snacking" on them......Ok more like feasting.

This one cracked me up the most.  A few weeks ago we were hanging out and watching a movie.  The pajamas Jasmin has on are WAY TO BIG for her.  As she was getting comfy for sleep she had mummified herself.  Both of her legs fit into on leg of her jama's and her arms were pulled inside and she was snoring.  Jeff and I both were laughing so hard and we were trying hard not wake her up.

But when I stop and think and realize all that I have the stress of life melts away.  Until I get up from my computer and see everything needing my attention staring me in the face.

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