Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things I want to do more of

Ok so I am tired I can tell because my thought process has officially changed.  I usually can tell I have reached tired because my thoughts become morbid....meaning if I have a headache I think....oh my gosh I have a brain tumor, I am having a stroke.........

I get really silly and do not make sense when I am talking to Jeff, but in my head I make perfect sense.  I start to nit pick at myself....I am too fat, I am the worst mom ever to exist on this earth, if only my house was cleaner I would have more friends....

Ok so I think you get the idea I have thoughts that are not me......

Tonight my thought process is along the lines of things I want to do more of.....

I want to do more:
crafts with the kids
playing the WII with my girls
reading lessons for church on Sundays
reading my scriptures
inviting friends over
work on reading and writing with my children

And yet as I think about these things I become exhausted with all I want to do.  But usually in the middle of my weird thoughts I am brought back to reality.....I am doing great, I do not need to do more I need to be better at time management.  I struggle with staying focused........

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