Thursday, February 28, 2013

No More Facebook!

So about 2 weeks ago after some serious thinking and realizing I deleted Facebook.  I am excited to say that I do not miss it at all.  Jeff still has his going and every now and then he will call out and say hey come check this out.  It is usually a video or a picture, but honestly, it is amazing at how liberating it has been to not be caught up in every ones drama, woes of life, stresses, pity parties.......Or to be comparing my self to how awesome everyone else is and how lame, boring, uninteresting my life seems.

Have I gotten more done?  No not necessarily.  But I have found I am in bed at an earlier time, my anxiety, stress and frustration level have dropped, and I am content.  I figured that my true friends will stay in touch.  But now I focus more on my children than me.....and that is how it is suppose to be.

Now to learn to budget my time better and find motivation to get projects done.  I have a ton of them and I have a large fabric stash.....not as big as many, but big enough that I am trying to whittle away at. I just keep imagining that one day I will have my craft room and it will be organized and reality it will probably not happen, but that is OK.  I am am working on myself to become better organized and a better house keeper.

I read this quote

Awesome quote!

It made me think.....who do I want my kids to be....what do I need to change in order to show them that.  I feel like they focus on my weaknesses, but I know they don't.  The other morning I had a melt down and YELLED at Jasmin.  After I did I felt like I was about 1 inch tall, the worst mothering moment in a long time......I dropped her off at pre-school and I gave her a hug and I apologized for the millionth time.  She looked at me and she said "it's OK mom your still my favorite mom ever".  I left with a smile on my face.

Back to getting rid of Facebook.  I feel much happier and not pressured to see every ones life on Facebook.  If they really want to tell me something they can call me up, e-mail the pictures and the stories, or they can invite me over.  I felt like Facebook was high school for adults.  I was excited to be done with high school because of the drama that was around, but yet here I am a mother, and I was placing myself in the middle of drama by choice.

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