Monday, February 11, 2013

To Facebook or Not to Facebook....

While working on my masters degree I decided to give up Facebook.  Like I deleted my account.  I was spending way more time on Facebook than I was reading, studying, writing papers, etc.  So I decided to be done with it.  I was actually amazed at how much better I felt by not reading every one's drama, getting caught up in the he said she said, and not reading how terrible every one's life is. EVERYONE is going through tough times, EVERYONE has crappy days, EVERYONE has drama, so why do I need to be bogged down by everyone else problems when I have plenty of my own problems?

Tonight was a prime example of the crap I am tired of.  Someone made a post that was quite humorous and extremely true, and opinion of what has been observed, but someone else took it out of context and soon the Facebook war/argument/debate took place.  As the night progressed my mind was brought back to a talk in General Conference by Dallin H. Oaks in October 2007 "Good Better Best".  Good is OK, better is great, best is what we should be aiming for.  For each of us in life each area is different and we should not judge one another of what we claim to be good, better, and best and during different phases of our life it will change as well.  So as I was thinking about this Facebook is good, it is a great place to keep in touch with friends, see what is going on, share our fun moments in life, ask for help from all of friends at the same time, but it is not better and it is far from best.  I find I waste a lot of time on Facebook.  Jeff laughs at me at the simple fact that I have to check my farm CONSTANTLY, but I should be paying attention to my kids, playing games with them, doing crafts, reading books, making dinner, not getting frustrated that they are interrupting me.

I am reminded often of why I decided to delete my Facebook in the first place.  The world is so negative, that I should be spending time building myself up, building up my family, building my relationship with Christ, my husband, my children, my friends around me.  Instead I walk away after hours of wasted time feeling torn down, depressed, and the life sucked out of me.  I have been trying hard to focus on the positive things in life because I tend to dewell on the negative and only see the negative.  Some days the only positive thing that happens all day is my daughters hugging me and telling me I am the best mom in the world. It is days like that I should take that small positive and run with it and realize how lucky I really am. Other days, I am sure I make people sick with how happy and postive I am, I am excited, everything is going great, everything is falling into place, the girls are behaving, Jeff got home from school early, my pay check is bigger than expected....etc.  But than as I start to read Facebook posts, my mood starts to change, I see how cruel, evil, unloving, corrupt the world has become and I have allow myself to be influenced by that.

So my question stands to Facebook or not To Facebook?  I am trying to focus on sewing more to make items to sell.  Jasmin wants to learn how to read so bad that I find myself not helping her, I want to have a cleaner more organized home and I could be spending time on going through, cleaning out, finishing up, meal planning, etc.  But I don't I feel like I have no time, because I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  If I were to eliminate that I could get more done in the morning after I drop off the girls and before I go to work, I could focus on working out......Oh the time I have wasted.

I am afraid to give up Facebook, because I will loose touch with some people from high school, but if they truly cared, if they were truly my friends, we would be in touch outside of Facebook.  What if I miss out on someones engagement announcement or baby announcement or............Do I really need to be bothered by everyone elses lives espically those I never talk to?  It is just another way for me to compare myself to others and tear myself down.

This should not be a tough choice but it is....why is it so hard to give up something that is not the best thing for me?

The pros of giving it up by far out weigh the cons.  The biggest pro for me is that I would have more time during the day.  More time to cook, clean, be with my kids, go to the park, sew, read stories, just more time in general.  So what if I miss out on every ones play by play of their day.  If it does not build me up, make me feel better about myself, help me to improve myself than I do not need it.

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