Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday old man

Today is Jeff's birthday...he is officially old (no really he is old).  I made him some homemade from scratch blueberry muffins with a strussel on top.  

Jeff sitting down to his cards and blueberry muffin

They are yummy.  My seminary teacher in high school would make them when we had a long week or when we had breakfast.  During the week we could "dollars" for doing things like complete pages, staying caught up the reading, being there, etc.  I saved mine and we had an auction and one of the auction items was her recipe and tins to make the muffins.  I only pull it on special occasions because they are YUMMY.

I am trying to do more with my Cricut

So anyways I made a homemade card, the girls made their cards and well we had a yummy breakfast with Orange juice.

I am lucky to have this man in my life.  He is way to go to me and the kids.  I am excited to spend too many to count birthdays and years with him.

The girls are really getting into crafting and they asked if they could make their own birthday cards for Jeff.  I said "of course you can" so we pulled out the colors and the paper and they made their own birthday cards that are very colorful and fun.  I am proud of how much my kids have grown.

Payeton working very hard on her card for daddy

Payeton's birthday card

Jasmin loves to write and color and craft
Jasmin's birthday card
Jasmin is my artsy fartsy kid

This morning was good and tonight I making his favorite breakfast.  Pork chop breakfast!

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