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Wednesday was an eventful day.  I was getting ready for work and around 11:30am I got a call from Jasmin's preschool.  After I said hello the first thing that was said is. "Jasmin is OK, but she tripped and split her chin open, but she is OK."  They told me what happened and asked if I wanted to come look at it and see if she needs stitches.  I jumped in the car and went to her preschool. On the way there I called into work telling them I will be in just not sure when. My supervisor is amazing and he said "no worries go take care of your daughter". Once I got there I knew she needed stitches.  I looked at her chin and knew.  How you ask.....I am a mom that is how I knew.  We got her stuff and I got her loaded into the car.  She was happy and silly the entire time.  The director of the preschool told me that she did not even cry when she slipped.  The director of the preshool sat with her the entire time with an ice pack and towels to help stop the bleeding and to be with her until I got there.

She was playing princess and was climbing the slide (I think, when I was being told the story I tuned out most of it.  I got princess, slide, and tripped) and she tripped and hit her chin on the slide and she never cried.  My thought was....are we talking about the same child.  She throws a hissy fit like someone cut off her arm when she falls.  So anyways in the car she is being silly and kept asking me to lower the mirror she wanted to look at her chin.  She was fascinated the entire time.

I debated about taking her to Silverton Hospital as I was already half way there, but I opted for Salem....DUMB IDEA.........We get there get checking in and Jasmin asked me.  "Mom what does my chin look like" So I take a picture with my dumb phone.........

As we are waiting Jeff calls and he comes to wait with me.  My mom is headed in to pick up Payeton so we can attend to Jasmin.  I checked into the ER around 12:30 or so and we wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait....OK I think you get the idea.  I thought it is Wednesday at lunch time we will be in and out fast.......WRONG.....Not only did we wait we waited with old people....not just old people...old cogity cranky people.   There was one OLD guy that.......well I told Jeff he turns out like him we are divorcing...PERIOD.....There was a little boy in the ER waiting with his family, I am not sure for what, but he started screaming, the squealing screaming.  The I am happy squeal scream. This old guy "Shut that darn (editing here) kid up"  He went back to his crossword puzzle.  The little boy screamed again "I swear if that was my kid he would never being that int he first play.....Shut that kid up just smack him.......People these days do not know how to raise kids......." OK he had a few choice words in there.  I wanted to tell him to shut up....( Oh the ER waiting room stories I am collecting).  He than looked at Jasmin and said, "but your parents are raising you right you are being so polite and quiet you are such a good girl." Gotta love old people.

We told Jasmin while waiting that she would get stitches and started explaining to her what they do.  She started to freak out and cry....OK so she splits her chin open and does not cry, but cry's over not getting a big band aid......I love her

My siblings added to the humor of waiting.  My sister told me her son did a better job and splitting open his chin and he did not end up in the ER. (She has an old fashioned family DR that does EVERYTHING in office). My oldest brother said just whip out the super glue and let the dog lick it clean.  My youngest brother mentioned that athletic tape works the best and he will send me some.....Than my older sister told me I need to learn to do stitches on my own.......I retorted that I have never had stitches so why would I give something I have never had....she is a princess.  My mom said that I need to protect my daughter from idiots that come in with 3 degree burns on their ding -a-ling (Hilarious story for another day)...My oldest brother told me it is a good place to boost the immune system.  So while the wait was long it was very entertaining.

We are soon called back 3 hours later after I was told the wait was only about 1 hour. In the room we wait and wait and wait.  I took a power nap. Finally the Dr. comes in and says yep we need stitches.  Jasmin freaked and in the middle of her tears she kept saying "No I don't want them...NO needles, no needles, no needles, just a big band aid." The Dr laughed.  We got her to calm down by bribing her with ice cream.  She was nervous I do not blame her one bit. But she was a champ.  I am so proud of her. She now has blue stitches in her chin. Blue because they did not have pink or purple only blue or black.  So 4 hours of waiting and 7 stitches later.........

 She is my rock star.  She got her first set of stitches before I did.  I am 30 and have never had stitches....well I should not say that I have had 4 oral surgeries...stitches dissolve, 2 kids stitches to do repair work. My gallbladder removed, laparoscopic, my appendix removed, laparoscopic, and my tendon repaired....Staples for that one to close up my leg.  But as far as stitches go from falling or cutting myself....nope.  However, broken bones.....Yep I am a pro at those.

I am one proud mom of how strong and brave Jasmin was during this entire ordeal.  Now she tells me she wants to keep them because they feel like hair on her chin and now she has hair like daddy does.   It looks like she has blue whiskers growing if you look at her.......

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