Friday, January 4, 2013


So tonight as I was on my computer I decided I should probably look at my blog and think about updating it, for me it is a daunting task, but what the heck the Pepsi at 10pm was probably not one of my smartest moves and I am awake. So as I logged into my blog I noticed that they now have mobile apps so you can update your blog whenever you want. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. So I just had to grab my iPod and check out this app. I then decided I was tired of the way my blogged looked so I started playing with that. Which was not the smartest idea, because I then started to look at my friends blogs and had the thought that my life is boring and un eventful. So I thought I needed to update some pictures. As I was looking at my pictures I scolded myself....."Brendon you have an extremely fun life knock it off". As I was sitting at my computer my feet got cold and my bed was calling my name.

So here I sit testing out the mobile blogger app and looking at pictures on my iPad and thinking how much fun it will be to post pictures that my kids take, to be able to start a post as the kids do something silly, a soap box thought enters my brain, or whatever, and I can come back to it and not have to wrack my brain of what I wanted to blog about! For instance this picture my youngest took......

It just amazes me what we can do with technology, has it made our lives easier, for me I feel stressed out trying to keep up with it all. It seems like once I figure something out or get used to a program everything changes and I have to start all over. So has technology made our lives easier or more stressful because we have to constantly keep up with the changes and the newest technology?

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