Thursday, January 24, 2013

What am I doing?

So tonight's big goal was to tackle taxes, clean off my desk, work on a quilt, go to bed early.  Guess what none of those things happened.  Instead here I sit with my cluttered desk, files full of stuff to go through for taxes, a quilt in the exact same spot as it was last night, a messy front room, a sleeping house, and I have been reading blogs.  Why am I not in bed?.....SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!

This is what my desk looked like just after Christmas, Yes that is Farmville 2 on my computer screen, and yup  my desk looks pretty much the same, only worse.  I love my husband for putting up with my clutteredness (is that ever a word).  He HATES clutter and I have been trying so incredibly hard to get rid of clutter and be more organized.  One day I will be better at it.

While I have my insomnia attacks  you would think I would put in a movie and clean and clear out and work on my to-do list instead of working on adding to it.  Now that was a funny.  I keep thinking that if I can get my blog to look just right than I work on other things, or when I can become a stay at home mom things will be better, but than I change my mind and it is, when we make more money I can afford to be organized.......what I am really saying is I am lazy and have no drive.

I look at what people Blog about and I think "Wow their life is totally awesome and they have so much to say and they sound so smart wow look at how much they accomplished today I think they accomplished more today than I did all month, wow I want my house to look like that.  How do they do it"....I wish I had a totally awesome life like theirs, I wish my pictures were cute, I want to sound so sophisticated........oh wait here we go....

This needs to be my new motto
But seriously.  In life we strive to be better and get beat down when we do and most of us give up.  I just need to make my life sound awesome and take a ton of pictures and start documenting what I have taking pictures of and.......CRAP my to do list just got longer.......

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