Friday, November 9, 2012

Quiet at Last

I love my family, I love the giggles and the noise, but today was not one of those days.  My kids were being awesome, just hyper.  Giggling, running around, fighting, singing, talking........just noise.

Today I got home from work around 4:45 and the noise started.  When I fed them dinner it was quiet as soon as their mouths were started.  Like I said they were awesome tonight, but they are 3 and 4.  They wanted to watch a movie.  So they ran around being silly.  Jasmin asked me for something to eat every 5 minutes (I hope this kid is getting ready for a growth spurt).

All I wanted to do was hang out watch movies and sew.  I have not sewn for a while now and I want to hopefully finish a blanket this weekend that I started almost a year ago.  I tried, I think I had a bit of ADD myself.  I did work on it just did not get as much done as I hoped.  We tried Arthurs Christmas.....Payeton bounced back and forth between my room which had Wonder Pets and the front room.  Than we tried the Spiderman that just came out.......

Jeff finally at 9:45 said come join me so we rounded the kids, brushed teeth climbed into my bed, and the girls were still being noisey.  We finally got them to lay down.  Payeton, does not know how to be quiet.  She is chatter box.....CONSTANTLY.

We finally got them to settle down........and in about 3 minutes this is what they looked like!!!
Jasmin  and her teddy bear found the book over
the face the best way to fall asleep

Payeton thought her book was a good resting spot!
I want more kids, but after the noisey house tonight......I am rethinking.....ok not really........

I do love my kids I am just suprised at how much noise these 2 cute adorable little kids can make.  It did not bother me I was not frustrated, but now that everyone is alseep.  My ears are thanking me.......WOW it was a noisey night!

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