Thursday, January 24, 2013


Jeff is almost done with school and we at so excited! I was talking to him the other night and I told him that if he were to find a job that required us to move I would be the first to start packing the house. He said what do you mean.  I told him that if got a job in Minnesota, I would be excited, if he gets a job in New Mexico, I would be excited, if he gets a job in Utah....ok I maybe won't be excited for Utah, BUT I would still go.....Same goes for California.  But if he gets a job that requires us to move I would go.

I have been here in the Salem area for 10 years.  Big deal right...well for me it is.  I am used to moving about every 3 years.  The longest I was in one school was 4 years and that was high school.  I attended 3 elementary schools 2 junior high schools and 1 high school.  I remember towards the end of my junior year my dad told me there was a chance we were going to have to move again (to where I cannot remember now).  I was not suprised I was exepecting it, but I asked him if I could stay behind my senior year, it would have been my 4th year on varsity soccer, 2nd year on varsity swimming, and I did not want to have to move and prove myself and try and fit in my senior year someplace else.  He told me he was counting on the fact that I would stay behind and finish my senior year in Dixon.  He ended up not getting the job and we stayed put.  So for me being here for 10 years is  LIFE TIME.  The second longest place I lived in was Dixon, CA and that was 7 years where I attended 8th grade, high school and 2 years of community college at Sacramenton City College and played soccer there.  At the end of my sophmore year I had to leave, I was done with California, I was 20 and it was time to move out and be on my own.  I did it, not realizing I would be here for the next 10 years.

I am getting antsy to move.  I want to stay here because of the surgeons we have, the doctors we have, the support system we have, the AWESOME ward we attend, but I am antsy.  I am ready to see new, make more friends, experience a different culture.......LETS MOVE!!!!


  1. That is so funny. I'm totally the opposite. Same house my whole life. 7 year in Provo, and now back to the same place. But I admire you for that. It is exciting to have change. Good luck and keep us posted! :) I vote for back to good old CA. :)

  2. Haha, I love that you said New Mexico! You can come live by me!!