Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am shocked, maybe I should not be but I am.  When someone makes a comment/opinion about an article, the backlash there is.  I am not going into specifics just venting about how unforgiving our society/world has become.  Since when can we not agree to disagree, or why are we so quick to point out others short comings when we have plenty of our own?

It reminds me of the scripture in Matthew 7:3-4.  Well ok really that entire chapter.  I am guilty of it, but than I am gently reminded that we do not know everyone's background and we should be accepting.  If we have unkind thoughts or if we want to make ourselves better.  We need to stop, think, and be understanding of the person and not judge according to what we hear.

Even though I am guilty of it.  This is something that I have been trying very hard to work on lately.  I do battle with depression and it is easy for me to see all the negatives in people, all their problems, all their short comings.  I have been trying very very hard to stop my thoughts and view them form the Lords eyes, to try and love them, to find positive things in people even if it is something as simple as, they have on a nice shirt today.  Somedays are easier than others, but again as it is a weakness that I am working on for myself.  I can see a change in the way I view people.

Anyways back to today.  I made a post on an article and I was surprised at how quickly people were to tell me how wrong I was with my point of view, with how I am a bad person, how I should not respect a certain group of people.  Yes I know you are dying to know what this is all about.  All I have to say is it does not matter.  But, my respect for Joseph Smith grew ten fold today.  It is hard to stand up for what you believe, to receive persecution daily and to not give up.  I respect him for not hiding, giving up or questioning his faith.  Today I caught a glimpse of what he went through on a daily basis, and after a few negative comments made to me I was down in the dumps, and decided I will not make a comment on a news article again.  He was truly a courageous, strong man that in the depths of his trials, and persecution he continued to push on.

Ok off my soap box and I feel better about venting.  I am just disgusted at how cruel, mean, terrible, awful, unforgiving our world has become.  I just hope and pray that I am not part of that and that I can bring forgiveness, light, happiness to those around me and build them up and not tear them down.

No I am going to sew and work on a service project for church, to help those that are in greater need than I am.

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