Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Update

Ok so it has been a while since I have updated my pictures on my blog so here is a good ol' photo dump everything form Melissa visiting us to cooking dinner General Conference weekend for some friends.  I hope you enjoy the fun!

Jeff's little sister, Melissa, was in town for a few days and she stayed at our house.  The girls had a blast putting tattoos on her and coloring them.  They love it when she comes and visits the give her a lot of cuddles and snuggles.  I need to find the one of the pictures with all of them chillin' with wet nails.
Payeton Loves her Aunt Mina 
I am part of a quilt club we meet once a month for about an hour and there is theme to the club.  In other words it a time for mostly the women (there is one young man) to get together and laugh and have fun and relax.  Anyways here is a couple of the finished blocks. 

Now on the Easter.  This past year I have been very bah-hum-bug ish when it comes to holidays.  I am depressed about how commercialized spiritual holidays have come and how media has made us think we need to be happy.  If it was not for the girls I probably would have skipped over Christmas and Easter and everything in between.  But we did not.  I think once we are more settled and in a more permanent place it will be better. 

Back to Easter.  I was on line looking at different ways to dye eggs instead of doing the different cups and dyes.  I liked this one a lot.  You take a paper towel and drop food coloring all over it and then use a squirt bottle and spray the paper towel with vinegar water and roll the egg up in the paper towel and put it in a bag.  The longer it is wrapped up the brighter the eggs come out looking tie dyed.  It was a lot of fun, minimal mess, and super easy.  I let mine sit over night in the fridge.  I wish I took after pictures because it turned out AWESOME!!!

                                               We are all done dyeing eggs......or our hands.......
                                        whatever we had fun

Easter Morning the girls came out to find the Easter Bunny had left them some presents.   Jasmin had some die on her face from her hands from sleeping I wish I had gotten a picture of it because I scrubbed and scrubbed and could not get it off so she went to church with some dye on her face!     


The Easter bunny went Grandma's house to hide the eggs.  The girls had a blast.  After they found all their eggs they hid them for each other.  It was great!  They now have Hello Kitty hats.  I have some fashionistas on my hands!

They are discussing where more eggs could be.

I have been working hard on letting the girls help me clean the house.  The new founded joy is they love to help me vacuum.  They run away from it unless they are pushing it.

About every 3 months or so Jeff makes a big batch of spaghetti sauce and I can it.  It is a staple in our house and homemade sauce taste sooooooo much better than store bought and it is a lot cheaper too.  Anyways, here is Jeff making spaghetti sauce, and fajitas, and a brown sauce for dinner the next night.  We invited some friends over because they have been helping Jeff and I and we owed them a thank you for their awesomeness and help.

He has on my moms apron that I borrowed to make a pattern

This is our dinner

This is the brown sauce for steaks simmering and reducing

Here is our spaghetti sauce cooking away

Yup this is what the stove top looked like

If you know me I do not belong in the kitchen.
 I asked Jeff what I could do to help and he
 said stand their and look open
the different cans of tomatoes to use.

I also got all the fresh herbs ready for him to cut.
He will not let me touch sharp objects either.
The girls have rediscovered the WII.  We stopped playing for a while only because they were too young and would get frustrated easily. Here they are playing a WII ski game and they love it.

Another pot holder/hot pad.  A friend of mine her mother-in-law
 is awesome and gave me some tips on how to do the binding...Finally it looks good.  I still need a lot of practice. 

So this has been our past few weeks.  We have had fun.  We do not have any great stories to tell other than we have managed to squeeze some fun into our busy lives!

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  1. homemade spaghetti sauce sounds delicious! where do you get all the tomatoes? LOVE the quilt squares...esp that last one, actually, I see its a potholder but the purple material is soo pretty!