Saturday, June 1, 2013


It seems as though life has been crazy. It is not that I have been ignoring my blog....or not that I do not have plenty to blog about....but by the time I get this point in my day I am either exhausted, have 4 billion other things needing my attention, my brain hurts from the day......ok I think you get the idea.

So what have I been doing you ask....Good question I HAVE NO IDEA......

Well I should not say that.  We have been doing a lot.  Jeff is almost done with school and for about 2 months ish or so he had been applying EVERYWHERE for a job......I mean EVERYWHERE...He finally found something after many hours of applying and many many prayers and some fasting he found an awesome job up in Tigard.  For the past 3 weeks between school and work and he has been putting in anywhere between 12 and 14 hour days, he is in school 6 days a week.  So come Sunday after church we usually take a family nap.

Which usually look like this.  Jeff and me sleep and the girls play the toys (the iPad and iPod) They only get them on them on the weekends and they are usually very limited to like 1 or maybe 2 hours all weekend.  If they are not playing the toys they are watching cartoons.  However, 2 weeks ago we all slept and it was MARVELOUS!!!

Jasmin had a sleep study done because she sleep walks, snores, and talks A LOT during her sleep.  Her sleep walking was bad she had actually walked out of the house once, and freaked Jeff out (I was not home at the time).  Another time she peed in the middle of her bedroom.  She has not had any accidents in well over a year, but usually it is just her walking from one room to another and she will lay down and "go back to sleep".  She snores terribly as well.  Like and old man snore....almost.  I finally bugged the doctors at Doernbechers and they got her into a sleep study.  After the consultation the Dr said he is 98% positive she has sleep apnea......which I am not at all surprised considering Grandpa Jay, Uncle Justin (Jeff's Justin), Jeff and, Uncle Theron all have sleep apnea.  The doctor told me that sleep apnea in children can cause sleep walking and snoring, like I have described and in most cases it is solved by removing tonsils and adenoids.

The machine that all the wires go into

All these wires will end up on Jasmin

Oh and these wires too

Here she is having her head measured so the
could tell where to place all the wires

Marking and preparing for the wires to stick to her head

This was they could measure her oxygen levels while she sleep

Almost done only a few more.  She had wires
on her legs, chest, back, face, behind her ears, all over
her head and one on her throat for her vocal cords

Finishing touches.....

No she is not ready to go skiing....this is help keep
 all the wires attached to her to measure her brain activity

The "oxygen tube" is to measure
her breathing and the temperature of her breath.

We have not yet gotten the results back we should have them back in the next week or so.  We will know if Jasmin will need another surgery or not.  Because of her cleft palate reconstruction I was told by the sleep doctor that it is not the normal procedure for removing tonsils and adenoids they can only take part of them because of how they have already had to manipulate the tissue and the muscles to close the cleft, but we will know more once the results are in.

We have also been looking for a place to live.  Which has not come easy.  Everything that we called on was either way to expensive or they just rented it out.  We wanted to stay out of the apartments, but we were getting desperate.  So we finally gave in and applied for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment and we were approved.. YEAH YEAH one stress is gone, now to pack and move......Maybe this move will allow us to have ALL of our stuff under ONE roof for the first time in 3.5 years.  My mom has been awesome and has allowed to store a lot of stuff at her house.  I am not sure what we have and don't have anymore.  Our main focus is to move and clean our current location.  But that will be hard to as just after we move most of our stuff we are heading to Jeff's grandpa's 90th birthday celebration.  When we get home from that Jeff walks in graduation......than it will be time to unpack and put together our apartment.  July will be heaven....I hope....well maybe not because then starts birthday season for us.  Jasmin in July Payeton and me both have ours in August.  Our 7th wedding anniversary in in August then Jasmin starts kindergarten in September....WAIT WHAT....I just brought her home from the hospital...

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  1. omgoodness I got :-o just reading all the stuff you have going on lately! I hope the apt situation turns out well, so glad you guys found a place to live finally! If I ever come to Oregon again (trust me, I want to , badly!) then I will totally let you know. Would love love love to see you, my zesty friend ;-) if you ever make it out to Utah. That'd be awesome! Your girls look so alike. It'd be fun to meet your family sometime.