Friday, March 23, 2012

Truly Blessed

Tonight Jeff is off on a retreat with a mens chorus group that he has joined. So the girls and I had some pizza and watched a Barbie movie......Thumbalina. It was cute, but the girls and I sat and were cuddled up a blanket. Payeton was on my lap and Jasmin was sitting on the couch next to me and was leaning on me. It was great. It made me realize how truly blessed I am in this life.

I came home from work thinking " I really miss my single days, living alone" I really was wanted to come home put on my fat lady pants and hide and work on homework and answ
er to nobody. But I couldn't.....I had to get dinner going, spend time with the kids, and be a mom. I love being a mom, but every once in a while I count down the minutes until bed time. Tonight started out as one of those nights until we were cuddling. I love my girls, they make me so happy. I have a roof over my head, I have a husband who is working his butt off to get a degree to support his family, we are healthy, and we both work. Sure life is hard, but who doesn't have a hard life right now? But we are blessed. I could not have asked for sweeter set of little girls.

See what I mean they are just so sweet and they love their daddy way to much!!! Is that possible?
On Wednesday morning when the girls woke up Jasmin staggered into our office and was looking out the window. I had taken down the currents to wash them and she turns around and looks in our bedroom where we were waking up and she gets a really excited grin on her face "mommy its snowing....its snowing look mom" It was cute she reminded me of a 9 or 10 year old on Christmas morning of how excited she was.

It is the sweet moments in life like that - that make it worth being a parent!

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