Monday, July 18, 2011

Lazy Lazy Week

So this week I decided I needed a little bit of a break and to pay attention to my ever growing pile of sewing projects, blankets, counted cross stitch, and my kids. I did not focus on school and I must admit it was really nice not being bogged down by a computer at night, but to cut fabric and watch movies with my awesome hubby. But that all came to an end I had things to get done for school I could no longer ignore it. It was a great little break though. During that break I realized one important thing. That I miss the good ol' days without computers and having to check your e-mail, farms, status updates, etc. I enjoyed the fact that after the kids went to bed we did what we wanted to do. Watch some tv, I read a great book, cut fabric and just hung out together it was awesome.

For school purposes I came to realize how wonderful the Internet is and how dramatically our lives have changed. I also learned we have become dependent on Internet and keeping up the latest news and what are friends are up to and what new websites there are that it is only taking us away from our families and being carefree. I realize how noisy our lives are, no I do not mean with kids running around, I mean with all we have to do. Computers have taken over our lives. I enjoy my computer, but think about it everything is computerized even our wash machines are now computers. It is insane.

With all the wonderful teaching tools available online it is hard to keep them all straight. Did I post on that site, did I remember to check this site for comments from the teacher, oh wait now let me go to that site and see what was posted under our group site, now that I am done doing that I need to go check this site again to see if my teacher responded to my question, now let me go back over here and see if Tommy added to this site so I can finish my part of the project. I feel like we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to remember all the sites, usernames, passwords just to learn about 1 topic. I think these sites are great, but totally overwhelming. I miss the days of when the syllabus was handed out and that is what we went by and we e-mailed or called our professors and groups to get questions answered. I miss those days

Well I am off to bed
Brendon Jones

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