Monday, July 11, 2011

Completing Projects

I finally finished Jasmin's big girl blanket that goes on her big girl bed that hopefully when I get home from work tonight I can set up and rearrange the girls bedroom! That should be fun. This past week my hubby and I have been trying to find a new place to live. Not an easy tasks for us. We think we have nailed down a couple of apartments that we will be able to afford.

This past week for class was a very thought provoking topic. Internet and Privacy. I was talking to my mom about Facebook and the Internet and she brought up a good point about posting one that we all know, but posting things on the Internet can never be deleted. She said it is like taking a big bag of feathers and opening it up on a windy day and letting the feathers blow away then running after them and try to pick them all up one at a time. You might get some you won't get most. That made me think......hmmmm good point mom! Chalk one up for wisdom. I love my mom. But the more I thought about this whole topic and employers firing, suspending, etc over Facebook comments and pictures I did some more looking and found several articles, not just about schools, but employers firing over Facebook I was shocked. Then this got me thinking about how many time do you hear of an off duty police officer pulled over and arrested for drunk driving or an airline pilot drinking off duty then called in to fly a plane to.....New York...the list goes on and one about what we do in our personal lives affects our employment and how we get punished for something that seems like no big deal in our "private" lives, but sometimes it does come back to bite us on the butt. With technology it is becoming harder and harder to separate personal lives from work lives.

It makes me think about my husband. He has a felony on his record and because of that he is having a very hard time trying to find a job to support our family, we are having an even harder time trying to find a place to live. This is over something he did in 2002 but in 2006 it caught up with him. No he was not running from the law. But it is amazing that what we do in our personal lives affects every aspect of our lives. So does this mean that we have to hold teachers, police officers, doctors, Lawyers, etc. To a standard that is unattainable. If they live the "perfect" life they are seen a stick in the mud or boring. But if they live a life they enjoy, drinking, wine tasting etc they seem to be categorized as a drunk, or someone that should be in the public eye. I am taking it a little out of context, but the point remains the same.

This past week definitely made me think about what I post on Facebook and who is allowed to see my posts. Over all it was a very thought provoking week in school! It was great!

Brendon Jones

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