Sunday, October 18, 2015

DO I NEED MORE........

than one blog?  So I am not the best at blogging and I wish I was better, but between 4 kids, a husband who works 6 days a week any where from 2 hours a day up to 12 hours a day.....2 of my kids are in all day school, 2 of my kids are home with me all house is a constant mess and I have a pile of unfished life is crazy out of control and even though I want to sit and blog often, by the time I get to that point of my day or get the few minutes of quiet, the last thing on my mind is to blog, or post pictures or whatever because I a gazillion things that need my attention and I only get a little bit of time without little fingers helping me or someone needing me.

So back to my question sometimes I feel like I need a blog for the daily things, the things we did, silly things my kids say or do, how hard mommy hood is, etc.  I need a blog about church and hints we discussed and my thoughts about Sunday lessons or venting about why did I come to church today.  But I also do a lot of counted cross stitching so it would be nice to have a blog that focuses on my progress or completed projects.  But if I do one for counted cross stitching than I need in for my quilts and crochet....but what about my general sewing, you know skirts, dresses, pillow cases, bags,  things like that, should that be its own blog?

When I mix all of these things together I feel like my blog is a scattered crazy, has no direction type blog, but than again only having one blog is a great reflection of how my life direction, scatter brained, no origination type life, which for some is quite funny, but more often than drives me nuts....

So should I have more than 1 blog or just organize my blog better or leave it as is so it is an accurate portrayal of my current station in life?

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