Saturday, November 3, 2012

Complaining VS Doing

Yes, even I am guilty of this it seems like lately I have had a feeling of unease, frustration, irritation, confusion.....I am sure you get the idea.  I was talking to my husband last night.  I told him I am tired of the constant come and go of this un-easy feeling.  I cannot seem to pinpoint where it is coming from.  OK I know it is a Satan thing to make me self doubt, but I also believe that an un-easy feeling means that something is wrong and it is the Spirit telling you so. For me it has been a couple of months of off and on un-easy feelings.

So anyways - I was talking to my husband about this and he asked me what is going on.  I told him I have no idea.  I wish I knew because I would work on fixing the problem.  I told him I am not sure if it something going on him and school, work, stress of being broke, stress of not know what the next step is, stress of life and it is wearing me down.  If it because our house is un organized, because I have a ton of unfinished projects.  I don't know.  

He reply was, everything is good with him and school is going well.  It is very possible that it is just all the stress we have been through lately that has worn me down. He is unsure how to help.

So today as I was having the girls help me with cleaning up their room, putting books away, putting shoes away, making beds, vacuuming I realized how luck I really am.  I than moved to my room to strip the sheets off my bed so I can wash sheets.  I went down stairs and paused and looked at my laundry room/storage room.  WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAP.  Which we probably don't but because everything is so unorganized it feels like it.  

Than I got thinking.  Why do I feel like I never get anything accomplished and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I spend so much time complaining about how hard things are, how much money we don't have, how it has sucked that I have not had a place to call my own for 4 years.....(the list can keep going) that I have taken the time to stop and appreciate what I do have.  I need to take the energy I have been spending on complaining and start doing.  Even if I only have 5 minutes to work on something.  Take those 5 minutes and go clean a closet, vacuum a floor, etc. 

Than I realized that I spend a fair amount of time playing on the i-pad, the computer, Facebook, etc. If I were to set a timer and only allow myself a short amount of time each day and focus on getting done and cleaning up that I am sure at the end of the day I would feel a lot less stressed and our house would look a lot better!

So here is my change to stop complaining and start doing!

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