Saturday, April 9, 2011

New to me

So I have managed to escape the blogging world thus far. I am currently working on my masters program and one of my assignments is to create a blog and than make a power point on how to create a blog. I do not even keep a personal journal I just take a ton of pictures of things our family does. So this will be new to me in many aspects. I do know that blogs are used for several different things in life, but it is just not up my ally. Or at least I do not think it is up my ally so we shall see. So this is totally experimental to me. I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook other than playing games.

I feel like blogs are a place to air dirty laundry from the few that I have read or to brag about how wonderful your life is. I only air my dirty laundry to my extremely close friends and my family and I have nothing to brag about other than my 2 amazingly beautiful daughters and how awesome my husband is. I lead a fairly simple life. I really do. It once was full of many adventures and trying new things now my life is full of my wonderful kids and how they keep me on my toes.

We will see how long I keep up on my blog.


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