Monday, April 11, 2011

Extreme Couponing

So today as I was working on homework and thinking about how much money we don't have right now. I kept flashing back to a show Jeff and I watched about Extreme couponing. A lady in Idaho with a family of 6 is allowed $160 a month for food. She has 3 teenage boys and a 4 or 5 year old. Her husband is a self employed contractor which means right now there is hardly any work for him. So she took to coupining. She plans out meals for 1 month at a time and then she goes grocery shopping. The episode we watched she had $658 of food in her cart. 18 thransactions, 1 hour later, and a hand ful of coupons she only spent $6.89 or something like that. Jeff and I were in awe. He looked at me and told I needed to quit my job and become and extreme couponer. I laughed at him. But really this is truly an art that I am totally amazed by. I am going to learn the art. Maybe not quite to that extent, but with both of us in school it would be nice to have a stocked house full of food. This lady's house had a wonderful food storage and it was all organized and beautiful. In her closet she had like 76 boxes of ceral. It was truly awesome. So I am on the quest to learn how to do coupining. What shocked me was that at any one given time in her couponing notebook she had 3,000 coupons. Brendon

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