Sunday, April 10, 2011

Figuring out Life

Today at church was another day with the family. Church was good. It felt long because I have been exhausted with trying to keep up school work, the family, supporting my husband with his school work, and spending time with the kids. I have been up to almost 2 am everyday trying to balance life and so come today I really wanted to pull the covers over my head and sleep, but my adorable girls would not let me. Jasmin LOVES going to church and she gets so excited when we pull out the dresses for church. In a way the end of church could not come soon enough. Payeton was hesitant to go into nursery, but I did not give her a choice and she calmed down and allowed me to go to my classes and take care of some things.

Now here I sit at my computer and 9:20 looking at the time as my mind is wandering to my sewing that I want to be doing or laying in bed or.......anything but sitting here having to work on homework. I know that getting my masters is going to be a tough road, however, it will open so many opportunities for myself and for my family. So I must say here is the start of a new week of homework and trying to stay on top of house work and trying to figure out a way to become more organized in life. Hopefully soon things will fall into place!!!


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