Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So I am at that point in the pregnancy now that my heart burn is horrible, I get up about 1,000 times a night to pee, I can't get comfortable when I sleep......so here I am the second night in a row with insomnia.

It does not help either that my mind has decided to start fretting about EVERYTHING.  No really I mean everything.

Is this baby going to have a cleft palate?
How can we afford another one?
Are we ever going to get out of debt?
Am I a good mom?
How can I teach my children to be neater/cleaner?
Will I ever become organized?
Should I stop blogging?
I am too much of a negative person?
Why has Jeff stuck with me this long?
Am I really beautiful to him or does he say that to make me feel good?
Will I ever be under 200 pounds again?
How do my friends have the confidence to sell their crafts but I don't?
Could I sell what I make and help pay bills?
Do I need to find a job?
I need to learn to cook..
Should I start menu planning?

So I think you get the idea.  When my mind starts thinking like this I get super duper mad at Jeff because he is laying next to me snoring, sweating, drooling, dreaming.  ME I am flipping and flopping wishing to go back to sleep.

So tonight instead of laying there I decided to get up.  However I cannot do much because I do not want to wake up the family. I would love to turn on a movie and sew, but my sewing machine is in our loft right between our bedroom and the girls bedroom and if I shut doors the rooms get super hot or I end up waking up one of the kids or Jeff will ask me what is wrong and tell me to go back to bed.

One of my biggest eye sores in my house is my desk.  I have stacks of papers, bills, things to scan, boxes of stuff stacked next to it.  So here I sit, working on simplifying my e-mail in box, scanning receipts, bills etc, sorting out bills, and generally working on my desk.

So when the sandman decides your done sleeping at 3 in the morning.  What do you do?

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  1. Come to UT and go to the Container Store with me and we will organize all your stuff! I should have helped you when I was there! I saw your Q on FB about selling crafts and finding the confidence to do it...I would say to the part on finding the confidence, dont compare what you make to anyone else! I have friends that do that with blogging and then they dont blog. I think they are fantastic but they compare themselves to those who make a lot of money or blog about better 'stuff' , etc. and you just cant let yourself do that. If it makes you happy , its bound to make other people happy! If you make something you think is cool, other people are likely to think so too! Just my 2 cents :)