Sunday, August 3, 2014

Changes are taking place......

I have not blogged lately....I have not done much of anything lately other than well getting ready for some major changes that are taking place soon.

I have not been stitching, I have not been sewing, I have not been going out with friends that much.....

So are you wondering what the changes are yet? 

First of all during all these changes I have learned a few very wonderful lessons in life that as a mom and wife I feel like I should have learned a long time ago, however, through lack of faith, stubbornness or even lack of having to learn these lessons....I am just now learning them.

Jeff and I went on a wonderful family vacation to Salt Lake City and to Las Vegas. IT WAS HEAVEN!!!! It was something our family was in desperate need of.  Jeff was able to catch up with some friends, I was able to meet some of his family that I have not yet met.  But more importantly we just got away from life and played and had fun.  We came back feeling relaxed and ready to attack life again.

About 6 weeks or so before we left on vacation we found out we were expecting baby #4......(LIfe change #1).  We are excited, this was all planned.  We needed to get pregnant right away for the sake of our family.  

While on vacation life change #2 took place.  Jeff's friend owns his own business and while we were visiting his friend offered Jeff an amazing job.  Like one of those jobs that is too good to be true....Yeah AMAZING....Jeff and I were floored.  After many hours of discussion, praying, receiving blessings, we decided to take the job.  Since we took the job it is crazy how everything has fallen into place.

As soon as we got home we had an ultra sound and found out that baby #4 is going to be a boy.......AHHHH 3 girls and 1 boy are serious. A friend of mine has 3 boys and is having her first we did some major clothes swapping....I love hand me downs.....

So lesson learned.  The Lord will answer your prayers in ways you did not expect, in a time you do not expect and in a manner that will open many doors.  Yes! I should know this, but I do not think I ever needed to learn that lesson like this until now.  

Jeff and I have been praying to find away to make more money, to move out of our apartment, provide a better life for our children, to no longer be stagnant, and to move on to something  new.  We were thinking more along the lines of Jeff getting a large raise at work, so we could move closer to his office.  We never thought in a million years it would be a job offer in a different state and out of the blue.

We have been blessed through this entire process.  We are excited to move to a new area and make new friends.....IT WILL BE GOOD!!!!

Look even Las Vegas is partying because we are coming!!!!

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