Friday, April 8, 2016


Holy Schmoly where is this year going?  I was hoping to have a few counted cross stitches done, as well as a few quilts and some other "old" projects........BUT......It is now half way through April and not much to show for it!

I have 2 ORT Jars now as I seem to spend a lot of time in my van waiting for my kids to get out dance class.  So I have a traveling ORT Jar and an at home ORT Jar.

Home Jar

On The Go Jar
I have been posting my progress stitching pictures on my Instagram and it has been fun.  I have had a lot of motivation from fellow Instagramers (is that a word).  I love seeing what people are working on, their progress, and how they organize their supplies.  HOWEVER, I have seen a lot of patterns that I MUST HAVE....ok not really, but yeah I gotta have them.

Until next month!  Have fun and ORT away!

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