Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hoarding vs Organized

Lately I have been cranky, irritable, frustrated, depressed.....OK I think you get the idea.  Part of it is the weather, part of it is being absolutely broke, part of it is that I work and am not a stay at home mom like I want to be, part of it is we have been in transition from house to house for the past 4 years.  OK I can go on and on about what causing my "funk", but after looking around I think I figured it out.

Part of it I feel like we live in this
OK I know we do not live like just feels like this sometimes 

But I want to live in this
OK I realize this is not attainable realistically with a 3  year old and a 4 year old

So I have started a new quest.  I read some where that you cannot be happy in life if you are not happy now.  (or something along those lines).  I decided I am the one that can change the state of my house and I cannot wait until Jeff has a job, we get into a house of our own, we have more money, etc.  I need to start now.  So I have been looking online for Dollar Store organization tips, ideas, etc.  I have found some.  

But where do you begin.  I feel like everywhere I look I have an unfinished project.  So my goal lately is to make a list of all the projects I have and finish them.  I have banned myself of shopping at fabric stores.  Unless I NEED something to finish a project.  I have been working on quilt tops. 

As I open the cupboard I am trying to group foods together.  So all the peanut butter is in one spot. All the rice. ETC.  As I work on my cleaning up, cleaning out, mood I will be taking pictures of before and after.  Now all I have to do is wait for payday to tackle my first organizing project.

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