Sunday, May 20, 2012


As I sit here at my computer thinking about what my next week brings I got thinking about life.   I know I have made the comment about how the Amish do it right, they are minimalists.  It amazes me that we are in rush to earn as much money as we can so can have the newest, fastest, biggest, shiniest, toys and stuff, we want to have a huge house, fast cars, new clothes, new gizmo's, etc.  But I look at the Amish and think about how blessed they are. They are not caught up in the wants, they have what they need.  As I sit here in my office working on homework thinking about how much I have to get done by Wednesday and the stuff piled in every corner.  Stuff to get rid of, stuff to finish, books to read, projects to finish, games to play, pictures to sort, bills to sort through, etc. I get exhausted.  HOLY COW how did I end up with so much stuff?  

I often make comments to my husband, I cannot wait until you have a good paying job so I can buy a new car, new shoes, more fabric, more toys for the kids, more books, in general more.  I know that you cannot buy happiness, but how easy it is to get caught up in thinking we can buy happiness.  I actually stopped and thought about this the other day. I told my husband that I know I want more, but in reality I want to be a stay at home mom and if that means I drive a used car with high miles and we have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house and we shop at Goodwill I don't care I just want to be a stay at home that has what I need to help my family grow.  Than I turned on the TV and saw the  "must have car".  Where did we go wrong from filling our houses with love to now filling our houses with stuff?  

I would love to pile all my stuff up in a metal garbage can (except my scriptures, journals and pictures) and light everything on fire and start over.  I cannot believe how much stuff a family of 4 has.  When did this happen?

Ok study break over it is time to get back to my homework.....only 2 more weeks and I will have my masters and can move on to bigger better things.............whatever that might be.

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